Monday, May 24, 2010



Upon hearing about the heatwave lowering itself over most of the East Coast in the coming days and perhaps weeks I thought of the lovely benefits of summery warm nights, cold chardonnay and tequilas on our deck, thinking a little romantic light would be right...So out I went and I did not have to go far to find something suitable at Marshalls and for $14.99! It's simple and fits to all the mix and match pieces I like to have out here!

I was happy and invested in a lovely candle too...
Since lanterns have become hugely popular you can find them at almost any price point and most of the larger chains carry one style or other!
Below from here, with more to choose from!

Malta lantern

I also very much love these receycled lanterns via cb2!

Do you enjoy romantic nights under the starlit sky?


Picture by V.Zlotkowski and as indicated.


  1. That's so adorable and very romantic! I've never experienced it. What I remember most about summer is spending it outside in the garden with my mom and talking. What a lovely post!

  2. Oh, we had a heatwave too but it is gone now! Still sunny but a wee bit too cold to sit out in the evenings but if we could, those bottom lanterns would great hanging from our washing lines in our very large communal back green.

  3. Oh my dear, I adore lanterns and candles. Sadly, it's still too cold and windy in Scotland to sit out and have a lantern on the table for dinner in the open air. Or imagine how romantic it would be to have lanterns all over the branches of an old oak tree and sit underneath in the arms of one's lover and listen to the song of crickets.

  4. I found some last year for 99 cents and I spotted some lovely lanterns at the gift shop at Sunnyside - you would love them.....

  5. Victoria .... I love lanterns and candles and in summer it is so perfect! Gorgeous as always!
    Hugs Frances

  6. P.S. I am a chardonnay girl! Right from the 80's!!!! A cold chardonnay especially an Aussie one..... I can let you know a few gems! There is nothing like it teamed with prawns and a summer breeze!

  7. Victoria,
    As you do, I do love lanterns! And I also have a collection of them waiting for warm summernights! I hope we will have a beautiful summer, so the lanterns will all over our garden if we spend late nights sitting in our outbuilding and overview the garden let by my lanterns!
    PS Thank you so much for stopping by the other day and for your nice comment!

  8. Nothing better than a warm summer night, twinklie lanterns aglow and a chilled bottle of something good! Sauvignon Blanc sounds right!

  9. hehe..i have one of the cb2 ones on my coffee table as a center piece :)

    follow if u like what u see?


  10. Am in Germany at the moment. Nice lanterns are hard to find here. LOL. I love the lanterns pictured here. They are so charming, too!


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