Thursday, May 20, 2010

Little foundling

While driving around collecting my daughter and friends from school I noticed a chair sitting lonely by the curbside at on of the houses in the neighborhood. Being at an arkward location I decided to skip my 'research' and drive by. On the way back my daughter calls: Mom, did you see the chair??? Good girl, a kid after my own taste...I wonder where she got this from...

So we stop and have a closer look. Nothing wrong, very comfortable and smells good too, with upholstery you have to be careful, some people have cats and what not all over the furniture...
Off it goes into my trusty trunk! Thank you neighbor! The girls were joking, guess the people just put it in front of the yard while cleaning something up and the chair - puff - gone....
At home a good clean up on my end and here it is, my new office chair!

Just in case, I will look for missing chair posters...

What do you think, is it a keeper?


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Yes, it is a keeper. Smart find!

  2. wow, great eyes...will you re-upholster? I could see it in a fun pantent leather or something easy to wipe...or a fab print!

  3. Of course it's a keeper. I know this post is about that solitary chair, but I am quite in love with that painting on the wall. When I'm in Germany I do the same thing with furniture left out by the neighbours. lol. Is it a German trait?
    It's very popular here in Germany. Happy Friday, sweetie, and well done. Great chair, too;-)

  4. I love the chair! Maybe a change in upholstery? A different color would spice it up. I like the your workspace too :)

  5. Great find! Too funny your daughter has your eye!Have a great weekend!

  6. Good, I am glad you all approve! I guess it's a great idea to reupholster, since the middle is a bit sagging anyway! So this is going to be a fun project. I'll keep you posted!

  7. Haha.. love it! Keep it keep it keep it! Some of the most precious things are what others have tossed out. I also feel like I have a little secret when I acquire something this way. :)

  8. Great find! Keep us posted on 'her' progress! She's pretty as is though.

  9. Tres chic!!! What an awesome find! Things are going really well here :) Stella turned six months today, and she moved into her own bedroom! Yay! Can't belive how fast everything is happening!

    Hope you've had an awesome weekend.


  10. What a great find. I think it is perfect for your desk! I am always afraid to pick up anything with fabric on the side of the road. Glad to hear it didn't have the "stinkies"!


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