Monday, May 17, 2010

Afternoon in the city

Yesterday I spend a couple of hours in New York City. I had dropped my daughter off at a party and could not bring myself to simply return. So I walked two delicious hours at the Upper West Side, had coffee and an darling Italian donut from a tiny place called BOMBOLONI...
After being nourished I headed for the streets...

Found lovely French crockery....

Saw gorgeous dresses at various stores along the little stretch between 70th to 74th Street on Columbus Ave...

And then I hit the jackpot: The uptown JONATHAN ADLER store....

The store is not large but is packed with style, personality and wits...I could have moved right in!
The colors, the shapes, the pottery...

From his carpets and needlepoint pillows to the new plates, I adore his design aesthetics!
Check out some of his wall paper design:

15 years ago , when I did not know him at all and he had opened his first store in Soho, I had bought a lovely salad bowl, tea pot which are still in great shape and use. I have been following his enormous career ever since. He did so amazingly well for himself!
After this I felt my afternoon was complete and something else I found I will show you tomorrow. Enough for today! :)

Have a great day, you all!



  1. I adore that red dress and the wall paper designs. So glad you enjoyed yourself in New York. Am loving the yummy pastry;-)

  2. Do you have his book? His designs are so happy, right!

  3. Sounds like a great day! I love NYC! Food and window shopping now your talkin!

  4. My dear, I've always loved Jonanthan Adler's design. It's very vibrant, witty and uplifting. In UK, there aren't any store or any potteries made by him available to buy. It's odd in a way if you consider the fact that his boyfriend is British. I've read his boyfriend's autobiography and it made me laugh so much that I had to read it during the day or I won't be able to go to sleep if I read it at night times.

  5. I just love an afternoon in the city and um, green chairs please. Thanks.

  6. Love NY, you live in an amazing city that you have all those great shops!

  7. What a fun day you had! To say that I love, love, love Jonathan Adler's designs would be an understatement!

  8. What beautiful designs in that store!! I love the bowls and pillows. The design on the quilt is truly something and I want to feel those rugs!

  9. Sounds like the prefect way to spend an afternoon...xv


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