Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh, joy

Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday, a little cloudy, not really warm, but just filled with joy!
Being Mother's day my children were excited since the day before and I had no idea why...
But came Sunday morning I slept in a little and was awoken with a wonderfully set table, gorgeous flowers, ready breakfast and a lovely gift waiting for me...
What a treat!

Many of you know how much I love to read, everything from novels to design books! You may also know that I collect books of special or first editions.

I had once contemplated to get an electronic reader to ease my book bills and keep the library contained to particular books, but felt the expense is perhaps too much!

Guess my endless joy upon receiving the wonderful gift of a NOOK! The children and hubby were not at all surprised to see me dance around the dining table...

What possibilities: Free book classics from B&N, no more schlepping of extra book pounds come summer and traveling, books for the children, husband and myself in one magical 'book' of comfortable proportions and size, color and weight?
I love the design, streamlined and easy to use!
Not only this: I can browse the web, check e-mails, shop, lend and preview books, magazines and newspapers...make a wish list of books to come, get free books from B&N every Friday, read books at the store for up to one hour without having to buy them! OH,JOY!

The day did not end there: we went out into nature, another thing I love to do and we had such fun time! Follow me into 'our' jungle just a few miles from home!

And later I skyped with one of the older boys, while the other had send a lovely mail to talk soon as well! YEAH!

Thank you, guys! We had such a wonderful, joyful day!

I so hope your Sunday was fun-filled too!


All pictures by V.ZLotkowski


  1. Happy your Mother's Day was so special!

  2. Victoria, your family is beautiful and your day with them sounds really special. I love that you received the Nook as a gift. I think it is a perfect gift for a mom. I would love one. Sounds amazing. My b-day is coming up...time to drop hints. However, I have heard that when it comes to asking for something, especially from a man, that you can't "hint". One has to stop-look-and "state"- "I WANT that!" Guess that will be the way to go! : ) Happy Mother's Day to you!


  3. Your post is full of joy! So nice to read about your Mother's day events! :)

  4. Victoria, love is all around you. I can see you glowing and happy. The presents are all so sweet too;-)

  5. I'm glad you had a great Mother's Day. You love your children so much and I'm not surprised that they prepared something special for you. They certainly know what to get you. And don't you just love technology? Being able to skype to see your family from long distances. I made sure to call my mom since it was the first Mother's Day I've spent away from her.

  6. That looks like a lot of fun.
    It seems like you really had a great time.

    You have a wonderful family. God bless you.


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