Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pretty little things

I enjoy pretty little things in my life. They have usually quite an impact - style wise and otherwise. They lift my spirits, motivate me to do something new, redecorate, even clean my house...give me ideas to travel again or inspire gardening...
The little bird vase was a lovely find from a visit to a store in Salem, MA. I remember this journey up there last summer and I have fond memories...
It moves around my house and holds often a flower from my garden!

I love this platter, which we brought back from Paris with a couple of plates and bowls more then 10 years ago, it holds some found objects another bird figurine and allium seeds... to be planted soon!

This butter dish came from Berlin's Winterfeldt market and the little creamer critters fit right to it... I use them! The small cat sculpture was a gift from my sister! I love all of it, they remind me of so many things, moments, visits to my family overseas...

My daughter gave me this ring...

Flowers.. I have them all the time, something I can not be without! Actually I do not want large bouquets, small arrangments are wonderful! Or single blooms...

And a few pretty things from my top shopping hunting ground: Anthropologie!


Say, what pretty little things are around you?


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Loved seeing all your animal creamers...I have one that is a little dog that is French Apilco.

  2. you have beautiful items in your house!

  3. Oh, lovely! I also love my pretty little things scattered around my home, my little Wedgwood box, Diptyque candles, lots of little photo frames, they make me so happy! Fabulous post!

  4. I love all of these little items! I love all my personal little things in my house, Wedgwood box, little decorative soaps, my Diptyque candles, they make me so happy!

  5. What a pleasure it is to see your pretty little things. The ring your daughter gave you is so pretty. I love the flowers and the all the other bits and pieces especially your animal creamers.
    I can see that you are happy in your house;-)
    I have flowers everywhere in my house! xxxx

  6. Such lovely little possessions here! I think pretty little things are some of my very favorite that sweet ring of yours!

  7. Hello my dear, what a charming post! I'm so enchanted by the butter dish with a cow as a cover. It flashes my memory like a constellation because my grandmother used to own a butter dish like yours. She would never imagine putting the butter tub on a table. She always put milk in the jug, butter on a dish and uses a butter knife which is very U. Nancy Mitford would have approved of her ettiqutte.

  8. I have one big smile on my face!!!!
    Thank you, darlings!


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