Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Thursday almanac

This spring is all about colors! I am so in love with great contrasts, happy tones and smiling rooms!


And here is as promised my Happy 101 Award list! Your blogs make me happy!

Belgian Pearls
Ahhh La La
Living It At Home
Life In Graz
The Zhush
Fashion And Other Fancies
The Neo-Traditionalist
My Notting Hill
Little French Nest

I admire your happy creativity and colorful imagination!
Please list 10 things that make you happy! If you want award 10 others or do as you like, it's an award after all, not a chore!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Pictures as indicated, via InStyle mag., dresses via Anthropologie, (bedroom Donna Griffith picture as well)Amy Butler room (fabrics), book bundle via Wisteria, others my own.


  1. Those images are so you. I think your interior designs should reflect these sorts of touches, red, pops of color, pattern, whimsy, art, simplicity, vigor, enthusiasm, yet all with carefully edited.
    Love those red chairs and that dining room - the white walls look fresh!

  2. Victoria, you are so sweet to me. Thank you for the award. I am bouncing around in a cloud of happiness this very minute. Unto today's post. Those chairs would fit nicely in my dining room.
    They are simple and artistic. Love the pattern and colours. I adore the books, dress and all the other gorgeous things. XX

  3. Wonderful pictures for this Thursday Victoria!
    Thank you so much for this Award!!!! I will post 10 things that make me happy in my next post!

  4. I'm honoured! This has made me very happy. Thank you so much for this award Victoria. Off to think about some other things that make me happy. lois

  5. Loving all the colors! Dreaming about redecorating our next home and trying to break my boring mold with colors! Have a great day!

  6. Loving all these "smiling" rooms! Thanks so much for the Happy 101! That made me smile too!

  7. Victoria! Thanks! These images machen mich sehr glücklich! I know that first one of the dining room..Julie Bowen! That outfit would do me well in Österreich, the headboard is luscious, love all the türkis and hydrangeas are my favey flowers! Thanks again meine Freundin...


  8. Hi Victoria. Thank you SO much for the lovely award - I'm thrilled!!!! Off to check out the rest of your blog... Have a lovely weekend xx

  9. Oh, love all your happy comments! Thank you!
    Happy Friday and a nod to the Australians: Happy weekend...


  10. Your are so sweet in thinking of me for the Happy 101! This will be fun to pull together. Your smiling rooms are perfect for spring! I am getting in the mood to repaint some of my rooms...getting restless you know! It is time to throw open the windows and listen to the birds sing! So excited for warmer weather. I heard that it is going to reach the 80's this weekend. Everything is going to be brighter and happier...yeah! Time to make my mint ice tea! Yummm~
    Thanks again Victoria!


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