Monday, April 19, 2010

Pattern of life

Patterns (click on pattern and you find wikipedia's definition) are the background of our life, we find them in our DNA,


mathematics, physics, chemistry, art or architecture. We organize with the help of patterns. The rhythm soothes or energizes us. These ancient Egyptian designs show how old the use of patterns is.


I love patterns, simple dots to complicated structures. Only now as an adult am I able to see beauty in mathematical patterns...


I recognize my love for them all around me. Music has this structure too, patterns of harmonies. Themes and variations.

Ptolemy, Harmonics
In Latin
Late fifteenth century

Music was a mathematical science in its own right in the classical tradition. This copy of a Latin translation of Ptolemy's important theoretical work, Harmonics, was owned by the Italian music theorist Franchinus Gaffurius (ca. 1451-1522) and ends with a colophon in his own hand.

Sir Roger Penrose is a professor of mathematics at Oxford University. One of his most fascinating discoveries was a series of aperiodic (or quasiperiodic) tilings. Remarkably, one of these consists of just two plane figures, both parallelograms. These extraordinary patterns are almost but not quite regular - small regions sometimes repeat, but there is no 'repeat' unit at any scale which could simply be copied to tile the plane (or your browser).

While thinking about this subject I found a book which could help me explore this subject a bit deeper.

But I delight most in patterns, which adorn our life, be it in nature or the creative patterns in decorative arts!



I have neglected a lot, there would be so much more to find in architecture or nature, since patterns are a part of the basics of our existence. Celtic patterns or the Indians have made patterns a part of their culture. I have not spoken of patterns in seasons or patterns in human life. Our development follows unique patterns. It can only be a small inspiration and perhaps you are as fascinated as I am by patterns and their inner logic and beauty!


Pictures as indicated, book via, shell picture via flickr, chair Urban Outfitters, stucked cups Starbucks, weekend bag Borders, all others by me.


  1. Absolutely amazing Victoria. It can be found in nature in so many ways, It looks to be a great read!

    Art by Karena

  2. This is a very interesting post. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Oh, I see that you posted "Louisville Stoneware" which I adore. Patterns, let's see, I love them all, polka dots, gingham, plaid, paisley, ikat, florals, stripes, and Spring is all about pattern..... wonderful and insightful post.

  4. Great post! You're right, patterns really are everywhere and in everything. We just have to be aware enough to see it. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Excellent post on all things subliminal. Loved the piece on music history and the patterns.

  6. Love the history, you're right, when you think about it, patterns are really organic. Great post!

  7. Hi Victoria! Fascinating post on patterns. They say creative and artistic people notice the small unique things in life. Patterns that play out in nature and design especially. Great job tying it all together.

    I meant to stop by yesterday and tell you that I tagged you for the blog game. Sorry, was so tired! You are so sweet to offer that we meet as we drive back to NY! I am powering straight through on my way back due to the fact that I have stayed away to long! I would love to drive leisurely and stop at shops that I like to visit. Oh well, next time! : )


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