Friday, April 16, 2010


Oh, I can't believe it's the weekend already... this week just flew by!
Sometimes it scares me just a tiny bit. We are so busy and the children have their schedules, there will be soccer practice and games this and many more weekends to come. There are invitations to visit friends, there is work to be done on the never ending to - do list around the house and shopping for next week...

How are your weekends? I am certain if you have school aged kids you face similar prospectives! And I am sure you all others, without that kind of commitment, your weekends are probably booked to!
Here is my advise: Plan some down time...
Use that big sofa for a nap...

Bake some strudel and eat it together...

Listen to the birds or your children's laughter...

Take a hike, walk, run!

Read some book just for fun!

Hang with your pet...

Find time to do just...nothing!

Or watch that re-run you had put off for later, cozy up with you beloved other and enjoy the week's end!

But what ever is on your weekend list, take some time out and have a happy weekend!

PS: Check out Little Blue Deer's print give away and her fab blog!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski, tv from here.


  1. What Nice thoughts and wishes!
    Have a beautiful week -end and enjoy your sons, your books and The strudel, that it looks...delicious!!

  2. All good advice to design a lovely weekend!
    Enjoy and save me some Strudel.

  3. Good advice. We are pretty busy on the weekends too. This week is a school break so we are heading off to NY to visit family.

    Happy weekend and I hope you listen to your own advice : )


  4. Victoria dear! How nice to meet you! Thank you for coming to my birthday party and I just met that wonderful woman from the link you provided...she was so kind to visit me twice, and I must, I MUST put her on my list; her world is stunning, as yours! It amazes me how many lovely artists and people are out here. You are do sweet. Please, come again and you are always welcomed.

    Have a calming and magical weekend! I love dreaming, fantasy, French and beautiful interiors!!!


  5. That strudel looks delicious! I like your photos of pleasant and relaxing things to do, especially looking at the fish tank - very relaxing!

  6. Victoria this images are gorgeous and so inviting. I especially love the top picture with the sofa and the beautiful blue walls ... so perfect and serene. I hope you have a lovely week-end! I know what you mean... it has been madness in our household as well. Georgiana had ballet this morning and then we have just done our mother/daughter horseride together. So this afternoon we are going to snuggle up, have a rest and watch a movie!
    Best wishes

  7. Have a good weekend Victoria - the strudel looks delicious! Weather not so good here today so lying on the sofa may be as far as we get while we await news from my husband who has been stranded in Stuttgart since Wednesday! So thoughts to all who are grounded at the moment waiting to get home and, of course, to my friends in Iceland.

  8. Olá Victoria! Obrigado por suas imagens maravilhosas que fazem muito bem para a alma.

  9. Excellent advise, der lady! Here's wishing you a most pleasant weekend!

  10. Oh, your home is so lovely, Victoria! Gorgeous! I used today to do some spring cleaning, so tomorrow is relaxation! Cheers!

  11. Definitely it`s a good plan.
    nice weekend

  12. Oh my goodness, these little snippets from your home are just so lovely! Our weekend schedule matches your weekend schedule, only without the lovely homemade strudel! Which is too bad for us!

  13. Hmm, lovely, especially homemade strudel.
    The views from your desk and from the table near the window are wonderful of the ever changing seasons. Weekend is almost over, I hope you have a good one. Great day for a hike.

  14. Thank you all for your kind comments, now the weekend is over and we had a lot of this and that, but relaxing was a part of it!!!
    We went today in the afternoon to an amazing chamber music concert in the neighboring home of friends which was stunningly beautiful. Elektra Trio playing Beethoven, Shostakovich and Smetana! Two hours of sheer musical bliss!



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