Thursday, April 22, 2010

Going back in time - the sixth photo

A few days ago Jamilyn from the amazing blog Living It At Home tagged me for a blog game.
Thank you, it's such fun being chosen by you among the others.
The idea is to show the sixth photo one ever blogged about.

Well, similar to Jamilyn I jumped somewhat blindly on the blogging band wagon and wrote my first post without actually saying anything. I simply posted some few selected pictures of the job I had just completed and was proud as a mother who sees her kinder gardener off to the first class...
I had not written an introduction, no explanations, nothing. Simply pictures. Now I have to suppress a smile!
My oldest son had helped me to install the blog and that was the beginning of a new era in my live!

So this is a lovely reminder of those - not so long ago - days as a new blogger.
The work I then had just finished was a lovely house for a couple who had lived abroad for a while. They were finally settling in their home again, the same they had lived before the move.
They were on a small budget to begin with, but as it often happens we worked together along fine and after almost a year we had done most of the rooms in the house.

Picture # 6!

A few words to this picture. It is a corner of the guest room, a sofa bed, small table and this chair and desk build the basic pieces. My starting point for the colour scheme came from the wife's needle point collection she had been given by her mother. The chair upholstery was entirely hand made by her grandmother. Stunning!
My client was not so sure about the green chair but could not bring herself to part with it. I helped her change her mind after coming up with a plan to incorporate all those pieces and mix it with her existing furniture, some collected while travelling in Asia.

This photo was never shown!

We added lovely silk curtains, sofa bed and carpet and with the choice of wall color the room came together!

Today I would show more details, style the rooms, bring some fresh flowers to the day of the photo shooting, well I have learned so much since then! And I would write the story! :)

Thank you Jamilyn for letting me go back in time!

And being EARTH DAY today, I can't help but thinking how we re-used and re-created and worked with all the existing pieces, antiques, inherited and added only the missing ones! Very earth friendly!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Victoria, a great post for Earth Day! You really made it all work!

    Art by Karena

  2. Victoria, I adore the antique furniture and how it marries well with the silk curtains and modern pieces. This is lovely way to celebrate Earth day. Here's wishing you a gorgeous weekend with the Family. We ought to meet up when you are next in berlin, Germany. xxx

  3. I really like the idea with the 6th picture - and yours is such a lovely one. Gotta read up about Earth Day, people keep mentioning it to me, but I've never heard of it before.


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