Saturday, April 24, 2010

Color explosion

Today I woke early from the birds practicing their scales and the sunshine beckoned me outside.

It's sheer madness, color explosions, nature celebrates spring with such vibrancy. I was so enchanted I set up our Saturday breakfast -rather late - spring fashion style: colors, flowers and the scent of fresh coffee and rolls!

Good morning, world!

Have a lovely weekend, I will post on my newly finished project on Monday! I am still so excited!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Olá amiga Victoria! Gostei muito das flores!!!!Lindas.

  2. Gorgeous colours! We are still waiting for the first pop of green on the trees. Have been sitting in my garden this afternoon but inside a sleeping bag! I love your flowery cup (4th picture from bottom). Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I love cardinals. They hold a special meaning for my Husband.
    Also, I am enchanted w/your tablecloth. Love it!!

  4. Thank you all, Purple Flowers, the table cloth was a hand-me-down from a neighbor, I just love the happy 50's design!
    We have two pairs of cardinals in our garden, with a whole bunch of other North American birds.
    I love watching them!

  5. I see a Kentucky Cardinal in your yard, that is me, flying over to see what is so pretty in your breakfast table. Enjoy all the colors and this glorious day.

  6. I always think of my mom when I see cardinals. It always makes me think she's watching! Thanks for sharing your beautiful morning.

  7. Victoria,

    How remarkable that the flu of 1918 had an effect on our lives. Your comments were very interesting.
    Having a set of Grandparents that enriched my life has been an inspiration to me. Warren and I try to be a positive and fun influence in the lives of our grandchildren. It is so much easier to do that with the two next door. Our relationship to the two living in Australia is very different. Being able to Skype with them is wonderful. I look forward to our hugs and spending time with them when they come this summer. We will play games, go places, read books, cook, and do activities together. The housework can wait, I will cook ahead of time or fix easy meals, we will go out to eat, and do the minimum of work.
    I think the hardships when one looses a parent at a young age changes a person greatly. You are so lucky that your Grandmother lived to be 102. I still resent the fact that Grandma died as a result of a traffic accident when she was 71. Her eyesight was failing but surgery was in the offing. That year for her birthday I had sent her red tulips. She told me that because they were red she could enjoy them. I would love to have one more visit with her and her mother, my Great Grandma Cox, they were such great story tellers and I really would love to know more about their lives. I have forgotten so much that they told me.

    I remember table cloths like the one you pictured. Mom still has some, I think. What a happy table.

    Your Blog Buddy

  8. Such beauty and vibrancy. Love the birds and your beautifully dresses table. Reminds of spring on a Plate!

  9. what a beautiful flowers. I love flowers the most. I like your collection. thanks for it.small garden design

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