Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Being appreciated

Being appreciated is one of the feelings which makes people very happy! And it is something I remind myself often to let others know as well. My children, my husband, my friends. And how much I appreciate all the gifts of life!
It is a reward for things we do for others. In the best cases we work for ourselves and others! Being appreciated for who we are is most wonderful and sometimes appreciation comes unexpected, like the "Happy 101 Award" I just received from Frances over at the darling blog Beautiful Interiors and 18th Century Style!

I feel appreciated and writing this blog becomes more then a personal fancy.
Thank you Frances! Your blog is so enchanting and filled with something more then beautiful interiors: Wisdom and a warm heart! It makes me so happy coming from you!

This image is from Anita's blog Beautiful Interiors and 18th Century Style header...

10 things that make me happy?

1) My family: the kids and my husband make me happy.

2) My friends old and new!

3) Sitting at a beach and listening to the sounds around me.

4) Travelling - everywhere to discover history, art, architecture, nature, people.

5) Playing piano and listening to classical music. No restrictions apart from 12
tone music...

6) Creating something beautiful every day - my interiors, my artwork,
my home, my family life.

7) A day filled with sunshine and warmth, inside and out.

8) Reading a great book in which I can immerse myself completely.

9) Writing: my blog, letters, my notebooks.

10) Having time to myself once in a while!

This list is compromised because there is so much more which I would like to squeeze into these 10 points, but I do not want to bore you! I realize many of those things I share with others. And this is also the beauty of it. There are so many similar things, we all appreciate and things that make all of us happy!
Being surrounded by you all is one of them!

10 new blogs for the "Happy 101 Award" will be selected tomorrow!


Pictures as indicated, my own and google image Beach, woman reading.


  1. Lovely list :) Hope things are going well! I've been soo behind on my blog reading, it's not even funny. Thank you so much for all your cute little messages :)

    have a fabulous wednesday!!!


  2. Visual Vamp is starting a blog lunch at "Coguette" in New Orleans - I think we should start a blog lunch and open it up to Rivertowns blogs - it is the connection to creative minds that makes me appreciate each day and then of course feeling totally filled with gratitude from souls around me.
    Let's do it pot luck! I am happy to host before the renovation begins.

  3. My dear, as always, a charming blissful to have a glimpse of your noble life xxx

  4. A most wonderful list, Victoria. Reminds us not to tae our loved ones and friends for granted. Appreciating nature, life, love, writing and online friends;-)

  5. No, 12 tone wouldn't be for me either... All the rest yes! Love the last picture.

  6. What a wonderful life! Sigh :) So glad you stopped the blog so I could find yours :)

  7. You are so right about appreciation! We all need to feel that we are appreciated for what we do from time to time.
    I really feel this appreciation so much by reactions of all the blogfriends!
    I enjoyed reading about the 10 things that make you happy and the pictures you showed are so beautiful! Thank you so much my friend for sharing this!

  8. Great post! Those little things that makes you happy makes you feel contented.

  9. Great list. I also enjoy classical music very much.

  10. Lovely list- and lovely blog- Nice to meet you.
    I think your list covers many of the important things that make me feel good and happy too.


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