Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Girl's room makeover II

About 8 month ago my daughter had decided to change her room to a more teen appropriate style and I was willing to help.


We painted, sorted, cleaned out old toys, rearranged the layout and were initially quite happy until she started growing...

Now she needed a bigger bed which was a bit of a challenge in this very tiny bedroom.
But here are the results and she is so excited about the outcome! She exclaimed yesterday: I will not want to go to college if I can not take it all with me!!! Well, perhaps she might change her mind about this later, but to be so happy made my day and all the hard work so worth while!!!

A few weeks ago she bought the wire mannequin at Home Goods, wired it with X-mas lights and pulled her outgrown dress from last year's graduation over!

Instant designer lamp! She has potential!


Bed, bedding and carpet from IKEA, fish tank for her birthday...

The mirror will be moved from behind the head board to the opposite wall, where we will still add a white dresser for more storage. Just left to the door, next the mentioned dressmaker lamp.

The dresser needs to be assembled by Papa over the weekend!

This pretty lamp was a great find at Home Goods...

And this little number is from Liberty of London for Target! Having it hanging on a wire hanger on the wall... priceless!

I am happy when she is happy!


All pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Oh! The room looks so beautiful! I loved the details and it shows that a lot of though was put into it.

    Great work!

  2. I always enjoy a good before and after and a peek into someone's home! Your daughter must be so happy with the transformation. Great job! I love the HG lamp and her dressmaker creation for a light. She is very talented like her mom. The larger bed looks just fine in the room too!


  3. Victoria, I loved this post. My oldest is 10, and she is dying to change her room...and I am so sentimental about her room as it is now. I think I have at least two more years, and I can never let her see your daughter's room, b/c this is exactly the type of room she really wants.

  4. Hi!

    Thanks for the neat message to Hannah. I will show it to her soon. She too is redoing her room. We need to find a weekend to remove wallpaper and paint. I will post a picture or two when we are done. She is going with hot pink, green and blue. It should be a fun room when done.
    Your daughter's room looks to be a place that she is putting her stamp on. I love her coverlet/spread. It is fun for them to have a room that reflects their style, now that they are growing up.


  5. Victoria, I love this journey into your daughter's world. The colours are cheerful and bright. I adore the magical details and the dresses. And, yes, I do speak German too!;-)


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