Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dispatches from the Garden

The Botanical Garden in the Bronx, NY is one huge magnet, which pulls me any time. I know a part of me is a horticulturist.

Obviously it's also a bridal parties magnet...

We are members, and I guess we make that membership really work hard for us...
We had been there only last week to see the Cuban Orchid Show, which is stunning. But I wanted to take you on a little tour in the Shop in the Garden, which is a design haven, flower shop and source of inspiration rolled in one!

I love those Eco spheres, self contained little worlds...and these cloches for greenery are so pretty. I have a weakness for beautiful plates and keep my collection contained by just taking pictures of them!

Every time I go to see all these small corners in this shop I promise myself to create a conservatory one day! I love green around me all year and to nurse orchids and tropical plants (and the winter outside) is a dream ...I see myself reclining in a comfortable rattan chaise, reading a book, tea on the table among the large plants in humid air...

A fountain would be there as well!

These posters are wonderful and with $8 very reasonably prized.

One can find beautiful vases, glass and ceramics, artisan teas, cache pots, dishes and tools, cosmetics and soaps(very fine and organically milled), lamps and jewelry, toys and clothing. Often made by artists, the offers are wonderfully mixed together and displayed in a delightful setting.

There is a large book section and I have spend there many hours browsing, reading and selecting.

Did you know, April is poetry month? I love poems and I found this book above absolutely amazing. Ruth Padel wrote a book about Charles Darwin's life in verse form. She is a prize-winning British poet and author, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and Zoological Society of London. And great-great-grand daughter of Charles Darwin...
I started reading and could not put it down...

And of course I could not pass this one either...Doyenne of timeless style - Nancy Lancaster!

My library is growing! I guess the conservatory has to wait a little bit longer!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski at the Shop in the Garden NYBG.


  1. Your wonderful side porch or your bedroom would look lovely transformed into a Conservatory! I think bringing touches of nature inside - give us hope all year long.

  2. What a great post. I really need to get to the Bronx.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I love the flower pots! That reminds me... I need to repot a flower arrangement my brother gave me. I haven't been to the Botanical garden in the Bronx, and I'll have to make a stop there the next time I plan a trip to NYC.

  4. Thank you very much for follow .
    my blog. It´s a great pleasure for me.
    I love flowers but I think I´m not very good looking after them!


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