Saturday, November 7, 2009

On the wild side

While sitting next to the fire place, our dog was sleeping in front, cozy on an old sheepskin got me thinking:

I have always loved the exotic feel of hides and animal skins. A sheepskin over a chair or a cow hide underfoot give me a little bit of a safari feel.

Do not get me wrong, I do not want to diminish more of the already endangered species, so real zebra should be out of the question, as should lion or leopard skins...It might not be illegal, but a question of taste...

I am not sure about bears, since they are regularly hunted due to overpopulation in certain regions of North America.

This is rather scary, don't you think?
I prefer cow hides and rugs, faux zebra and sheepskins.

Since my first baby arrived, I had all of them sleep on sheepskins. They keep babies warm and at the same time absorb moisture, they keep cool in summer and snug in a carriage or stroller. After years of wear most of them wandered eventually on the floor, play houses or chairs.

Cow hides are meant for the floor, but offer great versatility too. Once I had one draped over a ripped leather sofa, they vamp up any ragged corner and lend a slightly bohemian feel. I love that. After all, a little piece of the wild side of life can't hurt...

Over the recent years zebra rugs have become the darling among floor coverings! The add certainly a feeling of glamour. Almost any design book I open shows rooms decorated with skins, more less exotic and sometimes part of a large collection of hunted animals.

Above image from the Texas Ranger Museum.
Mountain houses often display bearskins, deer and moose heads, trophies of all sorts!
I am not so sure if I would go that far, but hunters seem to like it that way...

How do you feel about hides and animal skins?
Yes, or definitly no?

Stay warm this weekend!


Pictures via google image, different magazines,, Texas Ranger Museum.


  1. Yes, of course! LOVE a cow hide dyed as a zebra! Think it looks fabulous! We also use sheepskins for our daughter(s) strollers, and they're great!

  2. I like them especially in the pictures above, but I always wonder how do you clean them? Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. A little wild in a civilized setting certainly adds an "endangered" flair.
    I love it.

  4. It isnt my cup of tea although i absolutely prefer the heads off! xx

  5. Beautiful pictures. Love it. Great blog you have here! Looks like your new to blogging. I am to. Come by anytime.


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