Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Conversation piece

I love the light in the afternoon and could not resist showing you the view I enjoyed a few days ago, walking in the woods not far from my house.
On the way home we found a little treasure...

The children and I picked it up last week, set out for trash pick up in the neighborhood. I simply could not pass this piece of classic Americana!
It is not an antique, but fairly well made and it is good to go...
It fit's right in my living room and for time being it needs no paint! (Every room needs a little black...)Well, maybe a little more dusting...
All members of the family like to take a turn rocking, while chatting about this and that! A true conversation piece!

Any good finds lately???



  1. Gorgeous picture of your afternoon view! I can't believe you found that rocker in the trash! It's beautiful!

  2. Thank you, I am lucky, one man's trash is another one's....

    I seem to come across often a few good things by simply finding it up curbside. Two chests of drawers, a pair of side chairs, which eventually went to a client's house after restoring, a beautiful table lamp only in need for a new shade...books...it's a rich country!
    Nothing compared to the guy in New York last year, who found a modern master in the trash worth a half a million dollar. Sold at Christies later on.
    I am looking!!! ;)

  3. Have a grand trip back home. What a story you have about growing up in East Germany. I always wondered about the folks trapped behind the wall. How hard it must have been to leave your family.
    I think our conversation pieces are thing we have collected in our travels that remind us of the good times. Most of them are not pricey but they recall getting lost, seeing a site only seen in a book, having a good time together, etc.

  4. I love doing exactly the same ....searching for treasures in my local markets. Your rocking chair is a wonderful find, xv.


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