Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday wonder

Being absorbed in last minute cleaning and organizing and packing before my journey to Berlin tomorrow I had no time to read blogs, or check my own, which I usually try to do in the morning after the storm of prepping the kids for school/ breakfast is over.
Early errands stretched into noon and eventually I came home rather late, tired and hungry for lunch, which I had scheduled with my husband. That gave me a reason to settle down and to take a breath. And to read a few blog notes...

And then I found this among the comments on my latest post:

Cristin from the lovely blog Simplified Bee told me, that I had won her recent giveaway: 'Charlotte Moss - A Flair for Living'

This is surely a wonder, since I have never won anything like that! I am so thrilled and happy!

Please go over to see Cristin's interesting blog, she writes so smart about organizing office and home, good design and how to simplify one's life.
This had woken my interest in her blog in the first place.
To simplify life and to streamline my houshold has been a special project this year for me. I have been so inspired by the plain and charming ways of New England's early settlers, from the Orchard house in Concord, MA to Boston's fine early 19Th century homes. Cristin translates this into the 21Th century!

Thank you Cristin, for this giveaway, I am so happy to have won this book! It will be cherished! I admire Charlotte Moss' style and her incredible flair for living!

And all you dear readers and writers out there - following my blog - this makes me very content, to know, that you find inspiration among my bits and pieces I have to offer! Thank you all!


Picture via Simplified Bee blog


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