Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Back from Berlin

To all of you dearest blog friends!

I am back from Berlin, with lots and lots of wonderful impressions, a little piece of my heart has been left behind, my sons and friends there keep it safe until I return...

It has been fast and intense, yesterday upon returning I felt dreamlike to be back in New York... I felt the first time I would rather travel slowly, let say by ship, to truly experience the enormous distance we so quickly cover by airplane...

I would love to slow my life down!

Berlin has a quick pulse, modern, exciting, artful, lovely and a bit messy....
I was surprised by the latter, maybe I did not see it while I was there last in the summer a year ago. Anyway, I love Berlin always!

My sons had created a wonderful program for us - their younger sister has been travelling with me - we walked until our feet steamed...We saw the sites, it was her first visit, we ate all we could eat and enjoyed each other's company.

I stormed the book stores, design shops and the many individual small fashion label shops. Berlin has so much of it all. Wonderful whimsical stuff, felted things, from hats to shoes and bags, leather goods, fantastic ceramics. I even found an amazing furniture maker.

And all the lovely cafes in Prenzlauer Berg, still the hippest neighborhood in Berlin.

Markets everywhere, fresh produce, students, children and dogs all over the place!
Oh, it was such fun.

I think I took a thousand pictures...

I will show you more in a couple of days, I have to go through them and do a little editing... today only a few snap shots.

Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving! May you all experience the warmth and love of family and your good friends!
I do not have to look far to find what I am grateful for!


All pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Wow your children are so beautiful - just like you!! Love the tour thanks!

  2. Gorgeous pictures...your daughter and son are so beautiful. Nothing like being back home to your roots. I'm sure your daughter's visit was amazing and not her last. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. You have very handsome children. I am glad you were able to "go home" and then "come home".
    Warmest greetings to you!

  4. Berlin looks amazing. I can't wait to go in the next couple of years. Love all those ceramics! My husband will appreciate the history immensely..and so will I. Schöne Kinder (like everyone else said too)!

  5. Hi Victoria,
    Although it is not so far from Belgim I never went to Berlin! It seems to be a nice city! I think (I see) you love Berlin a lot! Lovely pictures!

    Have a nice Thanksgiving!

  6. Welcome home and Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    Love all the photos and your children look just like you.

  7. What a treat! I have never visited Berlin. Thank you for giving me a taste of the city.

    WIshing you a lovely Thanksgiving!!


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