Sunday, November 15, 2009

Being tagged...Honest Scrap Award

The inimitable and fabulous Maria Killam of Colour me Happy tagged me and I will give you 10 honest things about me: Hate/Love/Share!
The rules are as follows: being tagged you share 10 things about you, as described above, link back to the person who tagged you and name 7 others you tag in turn.
Make sure they will know!

I am very passionate about things, when I get into something, I'll pursue it with all my might.

I love photography. One way of connecting with all the incredible things in our life.
People, nature, animals, the world at large and small!

I write poems in small notebooks. They become momentous expressions of my feelings. Snapshots of my emotions...

I hate not being smart enough to understand the extends of modern science. I admire those with the clarity of a truly mathematical mind!

Deep in my heart I am a 19Th Century woman. The time appeals to me endlessly, I would love to live in England in 1820!(I know, it's an romanticized view, but what can I do???)

I love to create moods in my home, before night I love candle light and great scents.

I love working at night. My thinking is clear, I love the silence and the comfortable feeling of everybody tucked in nicely...

I love living in America. I have embraced a new and exciting culture, the English language has opened my mind to all the incredible literature....

I hate being so far from Europe, where my roots are and most of our families. Miss is very much, as I get older.

I love to blog, it has changed my life! To blog lets me explore my feelings towards all those things I love doing, I can somehow comment on my life, it has become a diary, record of my thinking, connection to like minded people, opened my horizon and helps me find my center!

Thank you Maria, for being interested in 10 things of me!

And the Award goes to:

1. From the House of Edward

2. Willow Decor

3. An Aesthete's Lament

4. A Bloomsbury Life

5. Jentrified

6. The Peak of Chic

7. Little Green Notebook

I can't wait to read about you!

Have a wonderful, inspirational Sunday!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski and via google image


  1. Your world sounds lovely, inspired, and happy.............congratulations. I could really sense your inner calm

  2. As for understanding modern science...I don't and my husband does biomedical engineering research for a living! sometimes I have to tell him to come back down to earth to my level. I am totally a night lover too! It's funny you say you like everyone tucked's def. the best part of my day every day. And as for missing Europe, but loving America...just flip those and it's me. And as for blogging, I love it too...I think some people are just meant for it.

  3. Susan, Carolyn, here is to kindred spirits....
    love the idea!


  4. Getting to know you via our blogs is wonderful and I love the joy you exude for life. Introspective, yet so reflective. Happy Sunday to you.

  5. Well deserved award! Great way to get to know you better! :)

  6. Victoria, great insights into your personality. I am tagged and will respond along with new art later this week.

  7. What a lovely post! And congratulations, you have won Charlotte Moss' book on my blog!!! I will be posting shortly. Please contact me at simplifiedbee {@} yahoo {dot} com and give me your mailing address.

    Happy Monday!


    ps- going to follow your blog! It is beautiful!

  8. What a treat to be mentioned!! Edward and I are so pleased. I loved reading your seven things and will make a valiant attempt at finding time to come up with seven myself! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog... I'm so happy you let me here!

  9. It was very interesting to read about you! Thank you for sharing. Congrat's!


  10. So fun, I loved your 10 things!!
    Thanks for playing!

  11. Thank you Maria, you are more then welcome!
    And thanks to you all for commenting!



  12. Loved your post and your 10 things. I just discovered your blog and will return often. I also fell in love with blogging and won't stop... Fay

  13. Thank you for the tag! I shall get right on this.


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