Thursday, November 12, 2009

Match points

These lines by John Keats capture my feelings looking at all of those pictures...

My love for colors and the attraction of bringing textures, colors and ideas together gave me the inspiration for the play with pictures, fashion and interiors. Some magazine, I do not remember which - DOMINO perhaps - had run the series of 'Can this outfit be turned into a room?' I loved that clever playfulness and the results were always stunning!
After watching the days go gray and looking at pictures I had taken during our vacation in Massachusetts I had the idea to match them up with rooms I love and outfits just followed with it.

Here is what came out of it...

It's so much like poetry, I dream of landscapes, outfits and rooms, my mind wanders and looking outside my gray window view makes me smile!

Next time you see something you love change it in your mind and play with your imagination!


Landscape pictures by V.Zlotkowski, fashion, rooms and design via online pictures, gray silk dress by Vera Wang, dress on mannequin by Anthropology.


  1. What spectacular pictures. I especially loved the photos of the room painted in deep navy grey. I have been entertained in just such rooms when I was a y oung woman. That color is typical of the living and dinning rooms of the Victorian Row Houses in the South End of Halifax, Nova Scotia. ( my home town) I was married from a house that had two rooms painted in that dramatic hue. They were seperated from each other by massive French doors that receeded into the walls. We had our official wedding photograph taken in one of those rooms, in a alcove of windows. Seeing your photos brought back such vivid memories of that day for me. Thank you so much!

    I also appreciated your kind comments on my new blog. It was delighful to read of your family tradition of afternoon tea. How fortunate for you that both yo and your spouse work from home and are able to partake in "kuchenstunde" on a regular basis. It sounds both romantic and therapeutic! You are very blessed! Please consider sharing some of your treadured recipes for afternoon tea with me. I would love to add them to my repertoire! I will certainly be visiting your creativve blog on a regular basis. Regards, from my home to yours!

  2. Awesome pictures...I love all the outfits! I'm looking for a few Holiday dresses you have given me some good ideas. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Scone Queen, I love that you have such beautiful memories seing those pictures. That's what always motivates me, associations, memories, thing that inspire us or remind us of other things around! And the stories I hear with it! Thank you! The world is such wondrous place!

  4. Frau, happy anniversary to your ONE YEAR of BLOGGING! Lovely, I hope you find THE dress!

  5. Gray is so soothing, so chic. I love it...especially when you have a tiny bit of blue with it! :)


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