Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am off...

Now my daughter and I are finally off to Berlin, we can't wait to see the boys and we will enjoy a few lovely days in their city together!
We will be back before Thanksgiving with lots of pictures and hopefully many stories to tell you!

Until then, be good my friends!


PS: A few days ago I had posted on thoughts about Thanksgiving and used photos via edupic.net The photographer, illustrator and publisher William Vann contacted me to asked to be backlinked. I appologize for the oversight! His wonderful work is of course copyrighted and should not to be used without backlink.


  1. You may just find me stowed away in your valise!
    I would love a little trip now.

  2. Berlin sounds lovely, especially the family reunion.

    Hope you return to the blog shores soon, even though you are away. Oh and I have something for you on mine, x.

  3. Enjoy Berlin....it is a marvellous city and can't wait to hear of your adventures, xv.

  4. Victoria, I found your blog through Maria's "Colour Me Happy". I started a post on the story behind the Christmas pickle but would like to hear it from someone with a German background. Would you be so kind so write a few sentences or two about it?
    Your blog is beautifully done.


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