Monday, June 15, 2009

Color explorations: think pink

When I was my daughter's age and older I did not like pink much, I thought of it as too girlie, too stereotype and it did not fit in my feminist, independent world views... ; ).
It was East Germany in the Seventies/Eighties, we were "fighting" communism underground by listening to western radio, reading through the nights, writing poetry, painting wild art and drinking (a bit later) red wine. I had no sense for feminine colors...I dressed all in black to my mother's absolute horror!(Why do you wear black, you are not in mourning...) Well as a matter of fact I was: I mourned the loss of my youth, wasted in a country I despised, the passing of time, where I could neither study, nor travel nor speak up freely.
But I digress a bit: PINK was not my color!

Over the years I did not change my views on pink so much; I extended my color spectrum to blues, greens and wild orange until my daughter was born and I was bathed in a sea of pink at my baby shower...! I never would have thought to love it then so much. Slowly it sneaked into my wardrobe, I still remember my first pink Ralf Lauren T-shirt a couple of years back.
Then came shoes, sandals and a sweet strapless dress, a bit later a coat and now it's almost a staple in my closet, since my hair is graying and I find it lovely with my complexion...makes me feel girlie and feminine.

Pink connection to my son...

My daughter had the sweetest pink and rainbow assortment of dresses, I indulged and enjoyed the little girl wonder we had produced, until she started to have a mind of her own (age 4) and rejected pink with vehemence...
Now a lively, modern 12 year old with a fashion sense far removed from mine I stay silent most of the time, remember my escapades and hope as time goes by she is going to love pink as well one day. (The deal is when we go out as a family she needs to dress appropriately, otherwise know as anything but pyjama pants and sugar lips...)
Needless to say she never had a pink room.

Now think of my surprise as she chose her graduation dress: a dream in pink and white!

As for interiors, I've come to like pink in design, not necessarily as the leading color lady... I love pink /green combinations and even though it couldn't be more a feminine color stereotype: who cares when you love it!!!

Pictures via housetohome, designersguild, Eijffinger web site, flickr, a New Orleans home (dusty pink living room) via House beautiful, my own Peonies on the coffee table...


  1. I think pink and green is a lovely combination. The sitting room is stunning! Ax

  2. you write all this so beautifully. mama, i love it. and couldn't agree more. i understand what you mean when you talk about this long "struggle" of sorts with pink. but in the end i think you're totally right by saying "who cares as long as you like it!"

    big kiss,


  3. I remember rebelling a little against my mum as well when I was that age. I refused to where dresses to party's and was an absolute tomboy. Now, pink tones just make me smile - and to be honest I think my husband really likes the colour too! Beautiful post - thank you for sharing.

  4. Love pink - soft pink, bright pink or dusty pink... Gorgeous!! x

  5. I think we have very similar views on pink...I hated it for years (although did not have a communist country to blame) and am now coming around. I buy pink peonies practically weekly...looks like you enjoy them as well!

  6. Today standing in line to get my paint, a little girl was holding a Disney pink princess brochure featuring all manner of pinks. She kept smiling and pointing to the pictures saying, "my room, my room." The mother sighed and said she was born loving pink. The memory has kept me smiling all day.

  7. I've never thought much about a color having a history within ones memory and yet you have eloquently explained how pink has been apart of your life.

    It is interesting to hear how this has evolved for you. Oh and by the way, I adore your daughters dress!

    Tricia - Avolli

  8. Thank you and the dress: I am tickled pink...!
    ;) Victoria


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