Thursday, June 25, 2009

A felled tree

The large, magnificent maple tree had shaded the house for the last 40 years. It had been planted about 1948 and give or take 15 -20 years for maturity, stud in all its glory on the curb, right on our driveway. Over the last 9 years we had come to regard the tree as 'ours', fallen in love with his shape and size and felt its presence. It obscured the view across the street, gave us privacy and on hot summer days my son opened lemonade stands in its shadow.

No more!
Last week the town inspector decided upon diagnosing a large fungus and carpenter ant infestation to take the tree down. After some horrific accident involving a street tree in our neighborhood the town is unwilling to take any risks and cuts down every tree remotely in danger of falling. Many trees along our 60 year old neighborhood roads have been cut under that policy.

We pleaded and argued, but there was no hope! We have had time to say good bye, watching the tree come down over the last three days and with tears in our eyes, saw today the last stump part cut. In the next few days the roots will be removed, the hole filled with dirt and there will be no more sign of the tree...

The town is willing to replace and finance the planting of a young tree in the next couple of month. One has to apply for it and given the radical move to cut down the tree I am a little surprised, that a replacement is something we have to explicitly ask for to get it done!

This morning, over our first summer vacation breakfast the children and us watched, how fast and efficient the town workers removed the last traces of 'our' so beautiful tree.

Our house stands now somewhat naked in the yard, good bye to an old friend,
I am so sad!

All pictures taken by V.Zlotkowski


  1. this is really sad!

    i'm so sorry for you guys : (

  2. me ha gusta mucho tu blog¡
    `pink days studio shabby chic

  3. That is sad. Was that the fungus the dark part of the stump? Your house is very cute though!

  4. Oh my... :(
    hope they plant a young tree very soon, love your home!
    have a lovely weekend!

  5. That is sad, old trees are warm and comforting to look at. I am surprised they don't replant 10 for 1 they tear down. Aren't trees supposed to be good for the environment even if they don't see the beauty in them?


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