Monday, June 22, 2009

On texture

Materials excite me, I love to feel things and my imagination takes me back in time, where things come from, what they are made of and who touched them before me...
Who worked on them and who lived with it!

I am a tactile person, but not only this, I love to see visual contrasts, I experience pleasure in seeing a patina, texture and age. This must stem from my love for wood, glass, felt, fabrics and china, metals and feathers, nests and stones.

I am incorrigible collector of shells and can contemplate an old wall in Oxford or the graffiti in Berlin. I love peeling walls, old, layered paint or wallpaper, I enjoy roaming old houses, seeing threadbare carpets and feel sand between my toes.

The keys on my piano make me happy, sunshine on wood and the shadows before evening!

I absolutely love old houses and trees. Their texture is familiar to me, I love wrinkles and folds of the wood and the wood siding on houses, bend from age.

Do you love to feel things? Are there materials you do not like to see and feel?
I'd love to hear from you.

All pictures by V.Zlotkowski, modern stone table via 'Glamour -make it modern' and contemporary coffee table via Bobby Berg home.


  1. Oh what a wonderful post! I have been quite into that polished concrete thing lately...

  2. Laura{What I like}, I see what you mean, if I had a real art studio, I would love to have a polished concrete floor, stained in different colors, like an old factory floor, or a lovely polished countertop...

  3. textures are like smells and tastes to me.

  4. Okay, my favourite photo is the birds nest on the chimney, how great is that.

    And what a wonderful overall post on textures. Yum!


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