Thursday, June 11, 2009

My latest design project

My work with one of my latest clients slowly comes to an end, as always I feel a bit sad since we usually grow close to one another... this time it's not different, especially since I worked on the daughter's house prior to this one.
We've had our fair share of difficulties finding a compromise to go by, so many things to consider and last but not least a project which has been growing on us constantly...
The couple has been downsizing quite a bit - from a large family house to a two bedroom condominium - there has been an extended selection process about which of the long collected pieces in the household would make the cut to the new place. We added new designed bathrooms for her and him to the to-do list! They are done now - beautifully!
Today, after the entire apartment has been painted and new decisions on window treatment have been made we found upholstery material for an old, but lovely wing chair with great bones and I can't wait to put it all together. We selected a new dining table, chairs and a side board, sofas, a coffee table, lamps and bathroom fixtures...By the end of next week the carpets are going to be layed out (90% floor needs to be covered) and then they can move! Most likely nothing will be completed until I am back from summer vacation, but I know, that they are comfortably installed in their new home. There is going to be time to let it all grow on them and making it's way into their hearts and minds.
Artwork needs to be hung, we will have to finally decorate everything and give it the last polish before I can introduce you to the place, but until then the two of them have a little time to get used to living in the new place.
I have learned a lot along the way, mainly how different the views can be between clients and designer about almost everything and how much trust, patience and compromise can do for the outcome of the project. In the end I feel my clients will have to be happy, my work is a service for them. Would I have done things differently here and there? Yes, but since I was not hired for my design style, but to fullfill my clients desire for their comfortable home, it is all fine with me.
It has been quite the ride, but in the end I am sure both of them will be satisfied and content. This is what I wish for.

Today I'll give you a first tour around the future home, some of the changes we have been making along the way, a few of the new furniture and some of the old and loved pieces which the owners will bring with them.

Here are some examples of pieces which will make the move, with some alterations, reupholstery, fixing and renewing!

A pretty little side chair will come to life with new a seat.

This pair will come as is!

The desk moves as well as bespoke wing chair minus the current dated facric and all the artwork will find a new space to be hung.

I found this cute little lyra table hidden in the basement,it will be revived as a table between the two matching chairs.

Lots of artwork needs a home...
I can't wait to fix it up!

All has been so much more work then earlier on expected, but the effort is going to be well worth it.

All design and pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. What a big job you have ahead of you! I can't wait to see it finished completely. It looks really exciting!!!!!! I love that desk and the chair - and the pair of french chairs. it's going to be wonderfull!!!!!! hurry and finish! hehe!


  2. Like Joni, I can't wait for the end pictures. I always love a before and after...they are the best, xv.

  3. My first thoughts echo Joni's in that I thought 'what a big job' and I can't wait to see the finished project.

    You are right that a designers purpose is to help the client realize their design dreams. However, don't you think sometimes that because they hired you for a reason that they should trust a bit more? I think that is what I found frustrating as a designer many years ago. Kudos to your open minded approach.

    Tricia - Avolli

  4. Tricia: I can only agree, but some clients have a rather rigid approach and there is not much I can do about it... taste has to do with it and sometimes all that sneaks in over weeks. You don't always see it coming! Well, I try to accommodate as much as possible.
    But I have to hold my breath sometimes!

  5. I can't wait to see the outcome. Keep us updated.


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