Thursday, June 4, 2009

A perfectly designed day in NYC

My lovely niece (above in the middle) and her friend came to visit us from Germany and have been with us for a couple of days now and nothing could be better then to take the girls and show off the city...
The result for a first day was spectacular and we spend the day literally from dawn to dusk and enjoyed every minute together!
We went up the Empire State Building, down to the village, shopped, looked, ate and had simply a blast...We walked miles and miles!
One of the highlights was a visit to a shop I always enjoy visiting, since this place has magic to it and even my young and hip friends were taken by the splendor and riches. It's the 'ABC carpet&home' store and for years I have been following it's seasonal and themed changes. Not only can one find antiques and glorious fine pieces of jewelry, artwork, carpets, reproductions and well designed new furniture among much more, you get a magic in display, a fantasy world of lights, colors, a wonderland of creativity.
I have this aching feeling of almost seeing to much of beautiful things and yet can hardly pull myself away. Every time this place puts a spell on me. And now let me share some of it with you. I took so many pictures and to edit all was a tour de force.

Indian food in the village

Coffee break at 'Le pain quotidian', a wonderful Belgian bakery, before indulging in the ABC store's...six floors of spirited design!

I could not have asked for more enthusiastic companions...but by now they are as exhausted as you are...

Now you can take a deep breath and say 'OHM'... I could not possibly have shown you all pictures, but over the next weeks I will sneak in this or that!

For now that's it, Good bye and Good night, New York, New York!


All pictures taken by V. Zlotkowski


  1. Gorgeus pictures of NY and really nice shops.
    Have a nice day

  2. Sounds like a great weekend -just how I spend my time in NYC -especially ABC H&C!! It's just 2 blocks from my best friend's apt. where I always stay -it's always a must stop. But it is an EXHAUSTING store, isn't it? So much to see and do there!

  3. Yes, but in a wonderful way, later I am high on ideas and it leaves me happy, not like an exhausting shopping spree before the holidays, where I simply hate afterwards that I went out in the first place...

  4. First time to your blog. I love this post. I so enjoy "shopping" with my children and their friends. Well, thye are willing to go on gallery strolls with me. As I tell them: it's a very cheap date and you never know what's around the next corner. Thanks so much.


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