Monday, June 1, 2009

Absolut green magic

I have been following the work of one of the great gardeners of our time - Patrick Blanc - for a couple of years now and finally wanted to show you his amazing creations. He is one of those renaissance man, being scientist, botanist and artist as well. And believe me, I would not be able to say which comes first. His knowledge about plants is unbelievable, he has researched extensively on plants, which grow under extreme conditions, especially vertical growth in humid, dry or low light conditions.
As a result he has created the most incredible hanging gardens all over the world and has changed the urban landscape with it. He builds green oasis where only concrete and steel existed before, indoors and out, from malls to private residences. His work can be found from Asia to Europe and, yes... in New York City, where he added his skills at the Marithe and Francois Girbaud Boutique in Soho. I could imagine a skyscraper in Manhattan covered in living green...
I just found his latest book and can only recommend to have a look!

I admire his visions, persistance and imagination! In my dream life as a designer I would so love to work with him once....

All images from the book The Vertical Garden..


  1. I don't quite know where i would start trying to create something fabulous like this!!

  2. i bet you'll like this one

  3. This is amazing! I have never known of anything like this so thanks so much for sharing it. His work/art is incredibly impressive.

    Tricia - Avolli

  4. Totally stunning, it amazes me how those places stay green and fresh, must be some intricate watering system!

  5. Actually it is amazingly simple, the walls are covered with a twofold layer of PVC which gives the roots hold and structure to grow on, mircoorganism and fungii provide a climate which enable the plant to thrive and absorb environmental toxins. The walls need less water the a conventional garden of simsilar size. A water nutrient solution is feed through a rather simple pipe on top of the structure every couple of hours to provide needed moisture. the whole is pegged to a metal framework to provide protection for the walls of the buildings, regular pruning makes sure nothing comes tumbling down due to gravity...It is a marvelous system, well conceived and perfectly executed. His longest lasting vertical garden wall is about 25 years old.

  6. Oh my! This is amazing. Thank you for sharing.



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