Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January freshness

It's January 12Th and I am getting a bit restless....It happens every year and I am waiting for it. Waiting for the moment that I am truly ready for the new year, ready for a fresh start, ready for saying good bye to the holiday decorations and move down the path, even though it seems trodden before. Another January? I just love the promise of the early days of a new year. The light is out longer, the sun keeps up with my schedule and I feel awakend and full of excitment.
Sunday afternoon we spent time at the cold, but sparkling park.

The dog run and run and we enjoyed the cold air, our children sprinting ahead on a lovely wooded, snow covered path, crackling under our feet.

It was so invigorating and I finally I could embrace the feeling to let go of the old year. It must have been the light! Or just talking with my husband of the future... And coming home to a somewhat tired decoration from the holidays I was ready. That night we lit the candles on the pyramide and enjoyed the scent of the cones from the small smoking man for the last time. Back in their boxes they go, until December comes round again!

I still have candles at night, but they changed to white, the light reflects in glass candle holders. The young green of the paper whites pushes through the soil and gives us the pleasures of an indoor garden.


....and now!

To get there all I needed was a couple of paperwhites from Trader Joe's, string and some sticks from my Chinese grass in the garden, my old copper tray, re-used every season and all my other deco stuff, which I rotate for interest!

Tulips are messengers of things to come.

Yesterday I had gotten that feeling and I cleaned and changed. I sorted out and started organizing and felt tired but so satisfied afterwards.
The mantle got it's makeover....

Upon returning from school my youngest stood in the dining room and was full of praise: Mama, this is new, I love it ...Nothing gives me more delight, since 10 year old boys usually do not reflect too much on decorating choices... Well, this one does and I am happy. My husband was happy too. Good! That stuff was getting really dry, it's finally gone...
Among my Christmas gifts were a few delightful giftcards, which I used to find things I have been looking for, something for the house, something to read and just something to enjoy...
A new tea cup, ready to serve me, when I sit over my client's design plans...

A doormat, too pretty to be used just now, waiting for spring to come!

A delightful new scent for my little Indian scent burner: Forest path, how befitting!

And this is what I am reading now, just the suspenseful page turner for long winter nights:

Next on my agenda are the bedrooms, and I am planning a new color for our winter living room!
It get's me every year....
Well, our Christmas tree is the last stronghold, going to be dismantled by Friday!

Are you in the nest refreshing mood?


All pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Love your mantle! I'm starting to fresh for the new year Christmas is put away and cleaned main floor now to tackle the upstairs nightmare. Your pictures from your walk are so peaceful we did the same thing here on Sunday with the snow on the country road and peaceful sounds. Happy New Year!

  2. Just yesterday I brought home paper-whites and my daughter said, Mommy - That makes me feel like Spring-time! I also have a strong love for White, and bought a white cache-pot from Carlson's Nursery (after taking the dog for a good run!)
    Wishing you all the best this year.

  3. The green walls with the redish chandelier looks amazing!

  4. Your tea cup is soo pretty, I liked very much.
    take care


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