Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday flowers

I wish you a lovely weekend with these paper whites from my window, I love how they grew within the last days, I hope they will hold on now and stay like that for a few more days! They scent the air so sweetly!

11 days ago...

And now!

I put in some dried ornamental onion, to support the slender stems...
Can you see the dragonfly which I found on my driveway a few month ago? Wings intact, I set her on top of the dried bloom!

Walking the dog in a park nearby I picked up some moss, it looked so fresh on the bark of a fallen tree, so I took a little and keep it moist with a small spray bottle. I love moss and the smell of forest.

Do you pick things up, when you are out walking somewhere? Leaves, stones, pieces of wood, grasses, flowers? I do!

Maybe you could enjoy a nice long walk over the weekend, it's so beautiful to connect with nature. Let the midday sun warm your face...


Pictures by V. Zlotkowski


  1. My red amaryllis is blooming. I love paper whites too but our daughter does not like the smell so I did not buy any.
    I hope my tulips in the ground are enjoying the cold dormant winter so they can greet me with flowers this spring.

  2. yes, nothing better then connect with nature.


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