Monday, January 4, 2010

A new year

I had the good fortune to spend the end of the year rather quietly with my family at a beautiful place in Vermont, we went skiing, which actually means my family did and I just enjoyed a few glorious days of resting, reading, and to reminiscent about the year(s)past and the coming twelve months.

I explored the invigorating winter wonderland of Woodstock,VT.

I walked country lanes covered in fresh fallen snow, marvelled at the beautifully kept Colonial, Georgian and Victorian homes in the area.

The Vermontians have a knack for making it all look comfortable and so inviting. The lights at night are magical and the smells of wood fires burning beckon you inside. I love to roam the country stores, where the time seems to stand still in the good old days...filled with treasures of a simpler life and the pleasures of childhood!

The inn has an amazing wood burning fireplace of colossal proportions and everybody is drawn to its flames. I had to think about the power of the fire. It's such essential force in human live, giving warmth. I found calling it the heart so poignant. Protection from danger...a fire always pulls me in, makes me feel deeply comforted!

Fire gazing I daydream of things to come. I feel optimistic and strong, hopeful and full of love for my family, work and life!

Today my work began as well and I spend a few hours supervising the hanging of shades and curtains, rearranged a dining room and planned ahead for a client's new living room.
It started all rather quickly and coming home late I was grateful for the fire and warmth inside my house and sitting together after dinner we still talked about the impressions of the past days! It did us all good!

I hope you all are ready for a new start and filled with the power of a brand new year - may your fires keep burning!


Browsing through antique- and design stores left me with so much material, I will write an extra post about it...

All pictures taken by V.Zlotkowski in Woodstock,VT and surroundings!


  1. Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Hope you had a great holiday with your family. Your pictures are so deliciously beauitful. Thanks for sharing. ASD

  2. That snow is so incredibly beautiful! x

  3. Looks lovely! Glad you had a moment to enjoy, embrace and reflect about the year ahead. Wishing you all good things to come!

  4. omg - what a winter wonderland!!! it looks soooo gorgeous - that waterfall! the houses!!!

    wow - thank you for showing this - it's amazing.


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