Thursday, January 7, 2010


I HATE it! No, I love spring, don't get me wrong, when the time comes. I really enjoy the seasons. What's wrong with this picture? Well, actually nothing according to the marketing people of many catalogs and stores...
My mind is on wintertime, my hands and feet are cold, my nose red and dripping occasionally, I am longing to go on a sleigh ride, but all places I go to seem to have welcomed spring and definitely Valentine's Day.

It's so horrible, I can't stand it. Why not just leave all the seasonal stuff out year round, this way we spare our selves a lot of hassle. It's January 7Th, for crying out loud....I so do not look forward to bathing suits and lemonade stands...yet!
The rush is of course a way of getting merchandise sold, I get this, but why does it have to start months and months before the actual dates? Aren't 3 weeks enough to get that stuff home? I surely do not buy more, just because it's longer out there on the shelves. Maybe this logic escapes some marketeers.

Why can we not enjoy the NOW? The moment we are living? My feet on the icy ground I look forward to the weekend, or perhaps a visit by a friend come next month. But I am so tired of being pushed into the next season with it's fake holidays...

While I think about all that and foam angry over my hot cocoa not only this comes to my mind, but the rush in general. Our children are rushed through childhood, your baby could learn to read at the tender age of 2. But why? Children barely reaching the counters are supposed to manage computers, but cannot tie their shoes at age 10. 12 year old girls are running around like sex symbols and dieting starts at 8....movies for grown ups are regularly viewed by teens...and reading - a thing done as a chore 10 minutes a day. Do not get me started on anything else!
On the other hand the kids can go to war, but can't have a beer...
I try (ha) to slow it down for my family and especially for the children. But as I can see it, my children are already the unknowing, but willing victims of the rush, nothing can come fast enough their way, the first of everything should have been here yesterday.
I feel sorry for them and sad! Life is long and there is a wonderful time for everything, we do not need it all earlier and faster. It is beyond my understanding: Why such rushing?
I feel a bit defeated and prematurely pushed towards my grave....Well, there is an idea....
Am I too slow, perhaps?

OK, I am done now! How are you?

I feel like Don Quixote...

:( Victoria, who keeps her Christmas decoration just a little bit longer up!


  1. i am so guilty of rushing through january! I draw out every other part of the year, taking in every cherished moment of each season and celebration, but for some reason january and i don't get along very well! despite pulling out my more colorful tablecloths and vases to brighten up my house (yes, in hoping for spring), your post has encouraged me to find the value in the now. i am having a solitary tea party right now, and its really quite lovely. piping hot earl grey can never taste as good as it does on a cold january day :)
    as to the latter part of your post, I am so 100% on board; make it 110%- mirrors my ethos completely

  2. Hi there. Your blog is so cute and your photos are beautiful. If you like travelling please visit my traveling blog which is in Greek and in English HERE!

  3. Hi Victoria! Thank you so much for your darling comment on the Neo-Trad. You have a wonderful blog here yourself! I could instantly tell by your sweetness that we must be kindred spirits. Thank you for introducing me to Art House Design---I'll most certainly be back!
    XX Kate

  4. Hi Victoria and happy new year.I have spent a week in Stockholm by new year day, and it have been fantastic, but very very cold.

  5. I too want to enjoy the month for what it has to offer. (Well... right now we are in the middle of a cold wave that cannot abate soon enough for me. But it is January in Iowa, so what do you expect?)

    When the stores want to sell Easter in January, I cringe.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.


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