Monday, October 5, 2009

White chairs

I am having a little love affair with white chairs lately. I love them for their sculptural qualities, the forms, the materials. Mostly modern chairs, even though really great reproductions of certain periods can be fabulous where they fit in.
I am not going into an elaborate history of chairs today, I just show you the ones I happen to see lately and which have struck a chord.
Chairs I love and some I would love to sit on...

These are young and fresh, fit in easily and always transfer a modern feel, even if it's auntie's old painted kitchen chair: Make it white!


Pictures via flickr, magazines and Stan Williams' cover of 'Finds', his genius book of re-using cheaply, but wonderful found pieces.


  1. Hmm, you are making me reevaluate my dislike of white.

  2. I love the dining tables with mismatched chairs. I've always been a match kinda girl but my eyes are changing. Easier to love white when the little messy kids grow up. Beautiful!

  3. Victoria,
    Could you tell me where the side chair in the post on the condo you are working on is from? I would like to add ones to our traditional dining room set. The chair is pictured just above the peach tone pair.

  4. I know I left you a comment, I love all these white chairs. Fresh as a crisp white shirt!
    I am sending you a fabulous image---

  5. Rebecca, I put the info on your blog...:)
    have fun with your project!


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