Thursday, October 1, 2009

A design project nears completion

In June I showed you a couple of pictures of my then latest design project and I am happy to announce that we are very close to the finishing touches.
It has been a long process, due to many factors, some unforeseen delays and additional changes within the process.
We have gutted a two bedroom apartment and started from the ground up.

We added the complete renovation of two full bathrooms and under the circumstances I am very glad, the work was done without major delays and complications.
The couple downsized from a large 5 bedroom home to this condo in order to spend more of their time near the children and grandchildren and to eliminate the upkeep of a large house.

It took many weeks to sort and reduce, find things to take along, keep memories and to finally say good buy to many pieces which could not make the move. It is not easy to uproot a life after 50 years of living in one neighborhood. They moved in end of June and since then found the circumstances and new surroundings satisfying and a pleasure. We did not have everything complete by moving day, my clients were particular about living in the place in order to determine light and feel of the place, we decided since then on additional furniture, curtains, shades, lamps and many large and small decisions were necessary to finally feel home.
Summer came and went and now almost all is in place. We are waiting impatiently for the arrival of a few last key pieces, a sofa, coffee table and a side board are still out there being worked on, and some decorative elements are still waiting to be placed. It s so much fun to see my clients excitement and the joy in editing and making it their own place.
From concept to realisation it took about 10 month, but we all agree it has been worth the wait.

Our palette is a neutral background (BM lambskin) in the living room area, a chair rail and beautiful gray green above in the dining nook and a smoky blue gray for the den. We choose a goldtone for the bedroom to accomodate the existing furniture.

The appartment needed wall to wall carpet Condo rules...) we found a neutral gray green, which unites the space.

Many pieces were supposed to come to the new place, some needed upholstering, some simply had to go!

We fell in love with a green palette for sofa, a flower pattern for the armchair and patterns for two side chairs, different patterns make it interesting and we found gorgeous fabric for the curtains in the living area.

These two beloved small armchairs came undisturbed and helped set the tone for our upholstery fabric mix. They have a lovely faded peachtone and now look absolutely stately in the new living room.

I found an old lyra table in the basement and decided then and there it would be placed between them. After restoring it looks fabulous.

The old sofa was replaced with this wonderful new one with the above shown solid green soft fabric with striped silk accent pillows, the side table were moved in to the new home, as well the lamps, minus the old shades.
We shoped for new dining room furniture, and additional side chair in the entrance area, hall chest, side board, coffee table, den sofa and recliner.

Now my clients have moved in, enjoy the new surroundings and fell in love with their new home. Curtains and grass shades were installed, the new bathrooms are gorgeous,
most of the furniture has been delivered, we still wait for a sofa, above coffetable and sideboard to arrive and in the meantime we have hung mirrors and artwork, bought and returnd a silk tree to find a not so overwhelmingly large one....
discussed placement of nick nack, photos and memorabilia!
We laughed and cried together and finally we are almost there.

In this project I did my first complete bathroom design and I am very happy to report it went well.

I designed a comfortable bathroom for her with tub, sink, bowl and two large wall mirrors with storage capacity, for him we decided to exchange the tub with a large walk in shower and I created a neutral tile palette with beautiful accent stones for her and his bathroom, we found the perfect hardware and arranged these small spaces to their biggest advanage.

In a few weeks all will be done and I will breathe a breath of relief that two sweet people are happily installed in their new home.
I will show you the final pictures, but I felt a little introduction to the process could not hurt.
Makes for less many blogs, so little time, right?



  1. I can't wait to see the finished project!!! Hope all is well! we have to make a date in the new year for Polish dinner party! xoxo


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