Thursday, October 15, 2009

Damage control

Yesterdays disaster has turned out manageable (as hoped for)...
Thank you all for your heartfelt comments, I appreciate it so much!
We returned to the shop and everybody was very apologetic and kind, promising speedy production and delivery of the originally ordered sofa and on our way out we discovered a bench, just reduced, which will fit in nicely in the entrance across our hall chest! So much done in 20 minutes! We would not have been there if it was is not for the wrong sofa!!!
There is often something good to be found in something gone wrong!

Now it comes together very nicely and I hope to finish this project as soon as all missing pieces arrives.


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Lovely bench and so glad that things worked out for you with the sofa!

  2. Wow love the bench, that's some story with the sofa, and what can they do with it if it looks terrible! Lucky that's not your problem :)

  3. The store manager told us they will put the sofa in their Manhattan showroom....
    I am dying to see it there!
    :) V.

  4. I am pleased the problem got sorted out, it is hard to shoulder a problem that is not your fault. I'm sure you were diplomatic.

    That bench is very nice and sleek, you should have demanded it gratis but are probably too polite, like me.


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