Monday, October 26, 2009

Precious things

Sometimes I am looking at precious things, items desired, expensive to the point of absolut indulgence, dreams...

Among them a first Ernest Hemingway edition of 'The old man and the sea', Hermes pillows, Cristoffle silver, Chanel lamp shade and slipper chair...

I dream and find in the end only very few pieces would really make it on to my list...What about you? Do you indulge yourself sometimes with over the top things?

All precious things found at Vivre.


All pictures through Vivre website.


  1. I must admit to appreciating objects more as the years pass, although an overwhelming instinct fights materialism. There is nothing wrong with wanting and having beautiful things, especially with your heart which is in the right place.

    For myself, I adore first editions and know few who collect or even want to. Besides Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald, "West with the Wind" by Beryl Markham is at the top of the list. Followed by an old phonograph, and perhaps an early movie studio lamp which I (once had and) would have as a unique stand-alone room light.

    As for the silver candle lantern, I saw the exact one in a shop this Friday and wanted it! Hmm, we must have a mind link somehow :)

  2. Do you know the story "The gift of the Magi" - it is a precious story. I love the idea of one very wonderful object rather than many. I do love all your items on your wish list, and a little luxury is always wonderful.

  3. Clarity, thank you for your lovely comment, I think we are kindred spirits...

    Patricia thanks for stopping by. I think there are only a few things I would really wish for from those things above, it's more of an appreciation for beautiful things in general...
    I do not need to have them all.
    I love the story you've mentioned, I gave it to my son last year!

  4. Oh! I love your list...I think everyone has one mine seem to consist of shoes!

  5. I enjoy looking at beautiful things. An "over the top" object has to really knock me sideways for me to consider purchasing it. Last year I purchased a beautiful bronze replica of Degas' thirteen year old ballerina. I've named her Isabella, and she is my pride and joy!

  6. Frau, this is funny! By the way, I always wanted to ask: How do you feel about design in Germany? Do you see differences in style? I always love to find new things over there, especially smaller items, like kitchen utensils, or decorative pieces. Anything I can bring back home on the plane.
    Purple Flowers: This is so nice, such things become so dear and carry meaning, right? We brought back a painting rom our trip to Paris a few years back. It was on the top end of our "travel budget", but we love it so much and every time I look at it, it fills me with joy and wonderful memories.
    Enjoy Isabella!


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