Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Design disaster...

Today had been a big day for one of my clients: The final delivery was scheduled this morning and over the last days the excitement had been rising and finally the truck arrived.
We had ordered a side board, a beautiful hall chest and the anchor for our living room: A large sofa. See left for green upholstery fabric.

Before unloading we checked the sofa and to our utmost horror it had been made entirely with the accent fabric, an expensive striped silk we had selected for the two accent pillows. No sign of our original sofa fabric, no sign of fringes on the cushions, we checked the order and apparently no mistake had been made with a sofa mix up. Our sofa was wrong! It looks hideous! Of course we did not accept it, of course there will be a new sofa, but our hope is, we will not have to wait another 8 weeks to get into the home.

I can't tell you my client's disappointment and anger, but we will master that last hurdle too! These are the only to common pitfalls in interior decorating and design...



  1. I tried to comment earlier. If this comes in twice-sorry. Just wanted to say, bummer about the sofa. It really does seem like those kinds of mistakes always happen. Maybe it's just a lesson in patience.

  2. Unknown Mami, you are right, we will have to be patient, ohm....and some deep breathing!

  3. Victoria,
    It sounds like a tough day...but there are worse things and it sounds like you have a great outlook... thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog... I too have learned a lot with the connections I have made from blogging. There are people with beautiful blogs and unkind hearts, beautiful blogs with manners and grace, ugly blogs with great spirit and admiration for beauty and everything in between... I am proud to follow you and learn from you experience as a designer. I appreciate your comment... thanks again.
    I will be back.

  4. Sorry Victoria that sucks for everyone involved. I hope they fix their mistake in a timely manner. Breathe this to shall pass!

  5. Oh my your poor client - hope they are delighted with the end outcome... Soon! x

  6. omg! Unreal!!!!!!! that is soooo upsetting - you poor thing, I feel so badly for you!!

    you know, that's why I just always have my sofas custom made in town, that way,you order the fabric yourself, and you can check up on the furniture day by day. Does anyone where you live make custom furniture? you should look into it - it's usually cheaper to do it that way on top of it all!!!

  7. Joni, this is worth looking into, thanks for mentioning it.
    :D V.

  8. Do let us know when the new sofa comes. I know how frustrating it can be when something you had your heart set on (or your clients, in this matter), doesn't happen. And in a situation like this, I don't understand why it can't be done in a few days. Right? Good Luck and can't wait to see the original design! Stan


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