Friday, October 30, 2009

In the works

In my practice as an interior designer much work is done by researching for individual projects (often more then one at the time), finding inspiration for a particular needed solution or pinpointing architectural shortcomings.
It is essential for me to get an overall feel for the space.
Colors and fabrics need to be selected, furniture found and purchased.

I see it all as a big treasure hunt...

Another part is working at the sites, with contractors and putting it all together.

I can not tell you which I prefer over the other, both is equally exciting.
Usually by the end of any project I am happy that things (hopefully) have worked out satisfactory for all involved.
Often I depend on others working with me in the process: painters, carpenters, electricians and a lot of waiting time between items ordered and delivered.

Right now I put the finishing touches on one place, work on another midway and I am in the planing process for a new house project.
The latter is quite exciting since a whole house is involved, much work is needed and we have many challenges ahead. Well, I love a challenge!

I'll take you along the work process and will keep you updated along the way.
You will see how time consuming some parts of the project can be versus some which go in without delay!

This new house is large, with a double height entrance and living room, a media room, billiard/office, music room, dining room and several bedrooms. The open plan kitchen is next to the living room, there is an open flow from one room into the
next, a sweeping staircase...
So far I have only few pictures to show you:

This project is for budget reasons divided into phases and right now I work out a master plan and the order of realization, to get my arms around the work ahead.
Most important is solid planning, since much depends on the organisation and managment of time and budget.

The owners have a Tuscan design scheme in mind, the house has been finished with a rich mahogany stain on all wood work and trims with extensive, beautiful build-ins, lots of granite surface in kitchen and dining area and a massive fireplace with large green onyx tiles in the living room.

After moving into the house the owners got involved in their daily life, raising three children, the house project came to a slow down. Now it's time to let the rooms emerge into their rightful beauty.
Large triple height windows let in plenty of light, but in an attempt to manage the great space the owners painted the walls dark brown. The effect is rather cold, dark and gothic.

I invision a warm, golden glow, not unlike the colors of autumn, lots of texture and rich fabrics.

I found the following pictures in different books and magazines to demonstrate what I have in mind. These are not pictures of my project. (I wish...)

Now I am at the point where I look for inspirations, pictures to show my clients of how I invision the house. I pull out color samples, paint suggestions, floor coverings and some first furniture options.

Here is a preliminary color scheme for the living room.

It will take a couple of weeks until I am going to post on this again, but I promise to take you along and show you the progress as we work it all out.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend, filled with inspirations!


Pictures from 'Bunny Williams' point of view' design book, Veranda mag, google image and my own.

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  1. Oh, how exciting! What a great project! I know that you will add warmth and give that home a golden glow! Great inspiration photos.


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