Saturday, October 10, 2009

My picks at Anthropology

Seeing the latest Anthropology online catalog does not in the least replace the experience of actually being in any of their stores, but it's a good way to start and given my little time to go shopping or browsing lately I found this inspiring enough.
So come with me on a tour.
When I go out to look for inspiration I usually have some clients in mind, some friends or family in need of a lovely gift or my own desires... It's going to be a mixed bag full of goodies.

First I stumbled upon a pair of shoes (!) and with it a lovely coat for autumn.

The shoes remind me of the elegant ones of the Twenties, my grandmother used to wear such beauties for an elegant afternoon coffee! I can see myself in a cute skirt and blouse, pale stockings and maybe a little hat?

Perhaps like that?

A great scent is essential, this one I LOVE! (Honey, are you reading here sometimes?)

But then I definitely need a good mirror, just to check ...and for my sitting or dressing room I will need a new wall paper, how about these ones?

Afternoons remind me of tea I love to serve and to find a lovely tea pot is something I can hardly resist.
With it of course the cup and saucer and maybe a plate for small yummy bites?

I'll take any number...
Now while contemplating tea and cookies I thought of cooler days and throws and pillows come to my mind.

I can see this pillow in a particular client's dining room...

These are just delicious and I would put them on a sofa or that chair below, wrap myself in and would by candlelight caress my pampered pooch, maybe read or listen to some music.

The carpet above is so beautiful and how about this one?

These are great little gifts for a house warming party...or birthday perhaps?

So is this...

Or that book for your or one special oversee's friend's coffee table?

If you now indeed feel like picking up the phone and dial Anthropology why not use this retro cutie???

Well, I am so glad for a murky Saturday...The fire crackles and I am thinking...the shoes will be definitely first!!!


who should get commision....

All pics via, lovely lady via Daily Imprint.


  1. We need one of their stores here in Vancouver! I love their jewelry! Those shoes definitely are great!

  2. You had me at those shoes! Wow they are gorgeous! I love that store...wish we had one here. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. I have to admit that I LOVE the anthropology home department, loved this post! My favorite candle is the tocca cleopatra scent and has been for years. I think I've kept them in business, I'm addicted!

  4. Stefan, the Cleopatra scent is so lasting and so.... ahhhh! I can't get enough,it is olfactoric hypnosis!!!
    You all, yes, these shoes, right girls???


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