Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Arriving home

Here we are! What an amazing, happy and successful journey it has been!
From here to places in Bavaria, Germany. Then to Italy and last but not least to Berlin...and home...

With my mom in Volkach am Main, Germany.

Coming back home has been wonderful and somewhat slow. It took me a few days to get back to my regular life, not to talk of Euros and finally coming round to unpack every last bit and to part with stuff I carried around as souvenirs, like my weekly transportation pass from Berlin (a bargain at Euro 34,00 for one adult and all children for 5 days with endless discounts for all kinds of entertainments and places of interest)

All my children and my oldest son's charming girlfriend 'wired' on the small couch in the kitchen in Berlin...I miss you darlings!

Ach, I am still returning there in my mind. At home I have been showered with all my mail, catalogs, magazines and my emails, which I somewhat neglected over the last weeks. But we also have been awaited longingly by husband/papa too, which was lovely, returning to flowers and the knowledge to have been missed!

I am so curious to return to you all and see, what you all are up to at the beginning of September!
September 1st! I love September, it's the month of new beginnings, school, traditionally studies, a refreshing feeling of shortening days, apple picking and cooler nights. It helps that is also the month of the VIP birthdays in our family...
Beginning today, when I remember my grandma, she would have been today 109 years old. I still miss her. She died 2001, she was my soul mate and I recall endless memories.

I am back to gardening, small renovations in the house, some new clients and readying the children for school.

Southampton beach yesterday!

Yet we still enjoy those great summer days, last pool hours, yesterday a short visit to the Hampton's... The ocean was wild, but not cold and I love the comforts of soul calming whenever I am at one of the beaches of the Atlantic! I love that feeling of something so much larger then me, it puts easily all into a different prospective!

Are you all good? And thank you all for travelling with me and being patient!
I am working on sorting my pictures and there will be some I'll show you in the coming days!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. welcome home! and welcome to september! glad to have you back :)

  2. What a wonderful trip! Glad your journey returned you home safe and well. Welcome back!

  3. I loved reading through your travels. There's nothing like a trip back to your roots, and to discover the beauty still left in this world.

  4. A warm welcome back - I have missed you!!
    Your pictures are brimming with cheerfulness;-)

  5. Yes, you were missed and I look forward to a walk and a nice time hearing all about your travels, your family, your work and designing it all into a heavenly day.
    Loved living vicariously through you on your exciting adventures in Europe!


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