Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The last days have been filled with so many events, I had a hard time following up with the writing of my posts... My oldest son is visiting from Europe and I so enjoy to spend as much time as I can get with him and his darling girlfriend! Combine this with the regular school life and the needs of the other children we are more then busy and I have become a organizing juggler...

As you heard before my son has practically turned my old blog upside down and created what still seems like a little miracle. I have a professional blog now and it makes me very happy.

Yesterday was my birthday and I have been lucky enough to get my very own fantastic new Mac laptop. I am still in shock...This is wonderful, not only will my Mac 'baby' give me more options to work on my pictures and blogs, but I am mobile and this is great! I have never used Mac, always PC, it's time for something new!
Now I am getting lessons as how to use it, get to know so many ways of dealing with presentations and photos, I am afraid to forget half of it all, unless I keep on working on it! So, if I am not blogging as usual, it's for this reason...
Soon you will hopefully benefit from my newly aquired knowledge!

It's the first day of autumn, this makes me happy, I love this season, change is literally in the air and I love to slowly find coziness in the house.

Soon we can sit by a crackling fire and apple picking awaits us! There will be pumpkin soup and plum cakes, apple pies and spiced cider...We love to go for walks under the changing leaves and Indian summer is something we all look forward to every year!

I wish you a great beginning of the new season!


All pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. happy fall! i LOVE your new blog layout!

    and i am a mac-lover through and through... welcome to the family :)

  2. I love these new photos of you Victoria. Gorgeous! Blog looking good too.

  3. Dear Vic,

    You look lovely as always. Well done on the new design, I've always been warmed by the header pic at the top and now the background goes with it so well: the little condensation droplets.

    Enjoyed reading about the makeovers, the basement is transformed. Best wishes to each member of the family and darling.. Happy Belated Birthday, I wish I had known so I could send something on the day. Peace, Love, X.

  4. Thank you all! It is still so new to me....Hope you all enjoy it!


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