Friday, September 24, 2010


This week has passed by so fast, having family visiting makes the days go by much quicker...Last Sunday is still in my mind. We spend the afternoon at Wave Hill, a beautiful estate with wonderful gardens, well kept and of Botanical Garden quality.
A late summer concert was the highlight of the afternoon and listening to Mozart, looking outside the windows overlooking Hudson Valley and the Palisades was just what my heart desired.

It was such a lovely way to begin a new week.

A few days ago I had to pick up some paint and soil at a home improvement center, when I came by painter's drop cloth and my mind started working: Hmmm, I could perhaps use it as a table cloth? The investment was small ($ 9.00) and the effect could be quite charming. Certainly a great idea if you need to cover a larger area, let say for a party in the garden or to cover an unsightly piece for a while. I immediately thought of multiple ways to use it. Halloween is coming, you can paint it, print on it or decorate it otherwise! It is washable too...

Last night we came to the city for a night at the ballet, still a gift for my birthday and it has been wonderful. I love the gracefulness and elegance of dancers and the evening was simply unforgettable. Danced to music by Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Moretti.

The latter was the most impressive of the evening for me. A vibrant, cinematic score set the tone for bold movements, moonlike golden discs illuminated the dancers below, transforming them into exotic creatures, oriental and Egyptian influences could be felt.
It was mysterious and and mesmerizing! Standing ovations and many shouts of appreciation rewarded the fabulous cast!

This morning as the the sun comes up over the trees outside my window I am sitting here, writing this and I am still in awe by the impressions of the last night. This week has been framed by gorgeous art: Dance and music! It fills me with happiness and I am so grateful!

Have a wonderful weekend, fill it with beauty and grace!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski, ballet image via google image,The Telegraph,UK not an image from last night.

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