Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blue gray day

Today is a blue gray kind of day, I cozy up with a magazine or two, hot tea and dream ahead.

Found in the last Vogue so many gorgeous tweeds and mohairs coats to arm against the chills to come.

Why do I love Chanel? The elegant lines, the feel and the great colors?

I wish for timeless beauty!
Well, fall is still a little away, but I start to prepare my dream collection....



  1. Order one of each for me! I am loving all the rich tweeds, the soft shades of blues, camels and gray.
    Hope you are feeling better my dear.

  2. I'm with you; I love Chanel. The designs are always simple and elegant. Even though I have enjoyed this summer, I think I am starting to look at my blazers in the closet a little more closely.

  3. My favourite: greys and tweed. Love the combination of the different sized checks together in the last coat.

  4. You know I LOVE CHANEL!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love the patterns. Blue and gray are one of my favorite combinations. Tweed? That is something you've just opened my eyes to. I don't think I have anything tweed. Hmm... there will be exploring to do :)

    Have a great weekend Victoria!


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