Saturday, September 4, 2010

A fresh European style

Take lots of white with something else...
Berlin has always captivated my style interests and the recent visit has not been any different. There is a current move into light and airy spaces, mixed with statement colors, a mix of textures, patterns and a sense of humour.

At a Restaurant, Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin.

At Green Living in Berlin.

This is not particular to Berlin, but rather a style which has emerged over the last decade, perceived from Scandinavian and other, related style sensitivities. (I still remember Sophia Coppola's movie 'Marie Antoinette' with it's modern interpretation of Rococco).

Image via here.

Berlin is always on the forefront of avantgarde design in Europe and right now I feel this new, greener and fresher style has emerged. I guess new style tendencies travel fast and having had a chance to travel large distances in Europe lately has shown me how it has spread. I would call it new European style.

Image via here.

Dagny from the fabulous blog Scandinavian Chic has just guest blogged at the stylish blog From The Right Bank about the new Scandinavian maximalism. I guess it's no coincidence...Scandinavian style has long captivated Europe and Germany in particular.
Antiques and contemporary pieces fit in easily and multiple layers of natural fabrics, cushions and carpets add comfort entering the new season.
It is an easy style, equally at home with a low budget as well as high end. Being green goes hand in hand with it.

Again modern meets bohemia!
I like the light floors, painted or wooden and rooms lit with lamps of mixed heritage...I like traces of country patterns, mod furniture and recoverd barock pieces, I like Biedermaier next to Italian leather and glass next to a sheepskin...

I can also translate this into New England or California style. At ease with lot's of white.



  1. Great post, Victoria. We are about to do some work in our flat and I am always looking for inspiration. I love all these images!
    Hope you are pain free?

  2. Victoria,

    So sorry to hear about your sciatic nerve pain. My hubby has had that and it was not a fun experience. Hope you are better.

    I read your vacations posts and it must have been such a special time for you and your family.

    It is refreshing to see how others decorate.

    Your blog buddy, Rebecca

  3. Victoria, I too suffer from something similar to your sciatic ordeal...I think I need to see a Dr.! In the meantime, these spaces are gorgeous! The first one, the bright modern orange counters against the antique traditional interiors, really captivated me...gorgeous!

  4. Thank you all, I am a little better, walk slowly through the house and fumble around here and there...Not being able to run around as I usually do... ughhh! Right before school begins with so much on my list! But my treasure of a husband does all without complaining!


  5. Spaces like those make me so happy and take my mind off of any sort of pain! Hope you are feeling better dear!

  6. Very cool style. I hole you are feeling better today.

  7. Thank you so much for the shout out!!! :)

    Hope you had a good vacation, and I'm happy to hear you're feeling better!!



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