Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Sometimes I find things I have not really been looking for, but they call out to me, plead and I listen!
I am sure you know what I mean.
Today at on one of my rather mundane errand routes I happened to walk by a cigar store, which I usually do not frequent, but a small bundle of beautiful boxes in front stopped me in my tracks. As I learned they sell empty cigar boxes for a Dollar a piece quite regularly and I had immediately an array of uses in my head. For small things always looking for a home in my house, buttons, knick knack, pencils, bracelets...
They will need a good airing before...

So I grabbed the prettiest of them all and afterwards at my book store stop found some more bargains...

Among them a small daily planner in a beautiful turquoise cover.( How can I resist?)I am an old fashioned writer and love to write in a daily planner, despite my IPhone! I pull it out of my purse, add notes, memos, some reveries, recipes, phone numbers, book titles, add business cards, well, by the end of the year it looks fat and holds plenty of memories.
Even though I paid full price it's a bargain in a way, since I can refill it next year.(Don't I think long term ahead?) They came in more gorgeous colors...

I have read The Ya-Ya Sisterhood books and loved them. I guess this is a good read, judging by the cover text..
And Gene Wilder is one of my favorites! Read another book by him and loved it too! All from the bargain section. Don't you love this?

And look, I found this wonderful small oil painting in a tiny thrift store in Venice, among lot's of junk...paid only a couple of Euros and it was mine, framed!!!! I still cannot believe my luck!

Now it reminds us all of the most wonderful summer in Italy!

I am sure you find treasured bargains here and there! Tell me about it!


All pictures by me.


  1. love bargains, and planners and memories of the year and places we have been.

  2. Today I just posted about all of the craigs list finds I wish I could buy but have no room for in my house! Those cigar boxes are beautiful, and I love the YaYa Sisterhood. Good finds!

  3. Fab find Victoria! I do love it when things get repurposed.
    Millie ^_^


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