Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our journey

Modern skyline of Frankfurt am Main

Our journey begins actually in Frankfurt (Goethe's birth place), this is where we start our road trip through southern Germany and Italy! The places we are going to visit are not necessarily well known outside Germany, so I will give you a little introduction and a taste of the region. Germany is a wonderful vacation country, simply due to it's many regions with very particular landscapes, architectural styles and culinary specialities.
Wuerzburg is perhaps better known to Americans, since many American soldiers were stationed there after WWII. By now American military presence in Germany has ended, but many families might remember their stay.
The city is well known for its castle and Wuerzburg residence, the University and lovely location on the river Main.
And on our way to Volkach we will pick up one of our older sons arriving from Berlin in Wuerzburg! Yeah!

Map of Bavaria, Wuerzburg almost at the border on the northwestern corner of Bavaria, Volkach is just 20 minutes away from there towards east along the Main!


From a travel guide:

"Volkacher Mainschleife" (Sinuosity) - Wine Culture, Arts, and Sports All in One Place:

The Volkacher Mainschleife is one of a kind in Germany; only here, the River Main has built this sinuosity over Millions of years. Around the Mainschleife, a Vacation Paradise has evolved in Volkach and its quarters of Astheim, Escherndorf, Fahr, Köhler, Dimbach, Eichfeld, Gaibach, Krautheim, Obervolkach, and Rimbach, as well as in Nordheim, Sommerach, Obereisenheim, Untereisenheim, Stammheim, and Wipfeld: Idyllic villages and spots in every season.

Volkach, town hall.

The Mainschleife is also THE region for wine, fruit, and asparagus in the Franconian Wine Country. Between late April and late June, the Volkacher Mainschleife is a Mecca for asparagus fans. Seamlessly the wine season follows: vintner and wine festivals offer wine to taste, before fall brings the peak season and the wine harvest. To watch the vintners do their work first-hand is a special experience.

When it comes to culinary treats, the Mainschleife is just as unique: Enjoy typical, Franconian meals, as well as selected asparagus and fish dishes, along with the matching wine.

Bocksbeutel wine

And, of course, there are the cultural highlights: The Pilgrimage Church "St. Mary in the Vineyard" with its Riemenschneider-Madonna, the baroque "Schelfenhaus", and the "Barockscheune" ("baroque barn") museum in Volkach for instance, or the "Kartause" museum in Astheim with its church treasures; just a few of the many unique destinations.

Tilman Riemenschneider(c. 1460 – 7 July 1531) Madonna and Child.

For those who prefer a more athletic approach, the region offers an excellent network of biking trails which are also great for inline-skating. The Main River itself also offers a variety of activities such as fishing or sailing. If you want to learn more about the region, the Tourist Information of Volkach will be happy to help out. Telephone: +49 (0)9381/40112 or online:
End of quote.

My parents have spent many happy vacation times in Volkach, enjoying the walks and the wine.
They choose this lovely place to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and I am so glad their beloved destination is for all of us to enjoy!

From there it goes after 6 days towards Munich

and then we will continue our journey towards Bad Toelz, a small town in the Alpen region.

It's thermal baths have attracted us before and we will stop and take a dip!

From here we will begin our travels into Italy and I will give you a small preview on Sunday!

You can imagine how excited we all are and that I sit here, apart from squeezing some time at the blog, having my hands full and my head in suitcases! :) Only a few more days!!!


Well, I do not mind at all!

My check list is almost complete:

Pick clothes to take (for all 4 of us!!!)- check
Pick shoes to take - check
Hairdresser - check, this morning....:D
Nail salon together with my daughter: still to do
Drop off dog at bording home: next week
Major house cleaning: I know, will do as late as possible...and all the odds and ends, which pop up when you need it least, like the just broken water boiler.....Yikes!

I so love getting ready!!!


All images via google image.


  1. Oh, Victoria, how exciting to get away ( I am sitting in Edinburgh listening to the sound of rain!) Your holiday plans sound great - I have never visited this part of Germany so thank you for the information. But I have been to Tuscany many times so look forward to hearing more.

  2. Victoria,
    any time for a cool beverage with your friend here...
    happy travels, looks wonderful!

  3. Exciting plans!! Will check in to see how you're doing!! Have a fabulous trip!!


  4. It all looks so great! We will be hitting up a thermal spa ourselves this week. Do I have to tell you to take lots of pics? :)


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