Monday, July 12, 2010


Our foothold in Italy is a wonderful farmhouse in Sansepolcro, a little up in the mountains, overlooking the Tiber valley and only one hour by car east of Florence.

Internet search made it possible and we are so excited about the location. It's sumptuous wine country, hiking country and the cultural cradle of all things beautiful Italian.
We had entertained the idea of going to Italy for a couple of years now, but this time we feel our younger children will be able to truly absorb some new impressions and do not only rely on playgrounds and swimming pools! Touring will be possible and some memories will hopefully be brought back to last a lifetime.

We have a wonderful itinerary, my list to visit places is long, beginning with Florence, its museums and surroundings, Pisa, a visit to Rome and many local explorations. Sansepolcro is the birth place of Piero della Francesca, who's murals and painting are still to be seen in Sansepolcro. I am so inspired by the Italian renaissance and architectural greatness!

Italy has always in my mind been the place for La dolce Vita, a place to receive beauty and to find peace in wonderful landscapes. I will try to do this too, to leave the needs behind and just let the simple life be my guide. Local foods, walks in the mountains, cooking with my darling mother in law and just being with all my children will give me more then I could ask for!
Perhaps some painting will be done and sketches of the landscapes...Photography is my passion, so many pictures will come back with me.

Just let us all be safe, sound, healthy and return home full of energy for a new school and work year ahead!

Wishing you all the most delightful summer!


Pictures from the vacation website.


  1. wow what a beautiful place this farmhouse seems to be! we were in Italy last year and it is absolutely fabulous...wishing you a lovely trip dearie...your pics make me wanna go back there again =)

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  2. Great house! A few years ago we stayed in a small village south of you called Panicale. You are in a good spot for visiting Montepulciano and Montalcino. Good wine and food. You are going to have the most wonderful time.

  3. Looks fabulous! I agree with you about making memories for your children that will last a lifetime. You are a very wise mom. Have fun! Diane

  4. Ohhhhh Myyyyy. I am so jealous. What a wonderful place to vacation. Have a wonderful time!!


  5. How very jealous I am! I spent six weeks in Italy last year over the Christmas and New Year period, but as it was cold and rainy, I didn't quite get to experience la dolce vita the way I had imagined it. I would love to return to Italy in the summer!


  6. This looks so amazing! Have the very best time!

  7. I do hope you may find time to visit Lucca.
    Have a wonderful holiday with all of your family close by.

  8. Darling Victoria,

    Send me a postcard or two from your travels. I adore the reminder of Bajern which I visited years ago, the brief look at Frankfurt and the much smaller towns.

    Yey, you're in Italy, my birthplace is Roma. Have a nice "dip" in the fountain when no one is looking, Dolce Style. Peace, Love, X


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