Friday, July 23, 2010

Through the mountains

Having left Munich only two days ago, it seems already weeks behind us. We visited dear friends, enjoyed a great summer night in their garden, where our children reconnected and we grown-ups drank to friendship and life...
But we had to say good bye and hope soon to see each other again. There is simply not enough time...Thank you for everything!!!

Driving through the Alps along the Achensee, Germany into Austria and then fast into Italy was a feast for the eyes! We climbed up and up, the mountains rising with us!

It took us about 4 hours of driving time to reach Venice at around six o'clock.
We were a bit tired, but the sights of the great city revived us quite fast! The children could not believe the gorgeous views, bridges and pallazzos! And even I have ben there before many years ago, I felt like a child again, seeing the places with new eyes.Venice seems to keep a secret and I do not want to discover it, I just walk and walk, looking at the old buildings, being captivated by history and sheer magic!

Some architectural highlights:

These pictures are just a tiny selection, before any editing, truly touristic snapshots, I will do a little work when I am back and show you a lot more of the glorious details I can't resist anywhere!

It is still a little hectic, travelling from place to place and I am so looking forward to finally arriving in Sanseplolcro and to put down tiny roots and feel at home in the hills of Tuscany! And meeting my lovely in-laws and of course the boys & girlfriend...

I hope you are all well, thinking of you and wish you have a great summer of your own!



  1. I have been to Venice twice in my life and loved both times. I do hope you will go the Peggy Guggenheim museum while you are there and have a drink at Harry's!
    Looks lovely!

  2. Gorgeous pictures....can't wait to see more!

  3. V- my framer just got back and he said he spent lots of time on the gondola too, cause it was H o t!
    stay cool.

  4. Ah, Venice is one place I want to go to. I've never been to Europe and I yearn to go. It looks like a beautiful and enchanting city. Be safe and stay cool!

  5. Du warst in Österreich für einen Moment! I love those windows..beautiful pictures. We have yet to do Venice, but planning on a nice fall or early spring romantic weekend!


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