Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer charmers

There is a house in Nyack,NY, standing right at the edge of the majestic Husdon and I always dream my way into it! It has a magic pull on me! It is gorgeous and I have witnessed the work over the last two years to restore it to its original beauty! If I owned it, I would fill it with rooms like the ones below and my sailboat would sit right out there, waiting to take me to the waters!

Such summer perfection! Dimmed against the bright sun light, but light and airy, summer comfort to lounge, read, talk or to watch the movie you missed in the spring...

The dining room could be like that...

This would be my bedroom, overlooking the river...( I know, you have seen this picture only a few days ago...)

I would walk into my bathroom with glee every time ...

And the kitchen could be something like this:

Another small corner...

The veranda would have a big table for all my friends and family like that!

Or perhaps like that:

The garden would have large shade spending trees...

And I would never want to leave!!!

Do you dream your way into houses?

A happy week ahead, wherever it takes you!


From the mixed files of V.Zlotkowski. I do not take any credit apart from the tree in our yard!!! Bathroom by John Jacob Designs of South Africa. Veranda images via Architectural Digest and House and Home magazine. All others found nearby in magazines /blogs?! Thank you all for your creativity! It feeds mine!


  1. Very nice! I could just live in that bathroom.

  2. Yes, I do, I dream my way inside, and I feel the spirit of the house celebrating during all the seasons.
    Lovely all those soft shades and that kitchen would be perfect for your own home! (bedroom too)

  3. AH, why would one want to leave?;-)
    I would be very happy in either of those houses.
    Warmly hopes you are well, my sweet;-)

  4. Oh, yes! And so close to NYC, to boot! Gorgeous home, you would have to evict me to get me out of there! XO!

  5. Wow, it's gorgeous!! Love your ideas for it!!


  6. My dear, your dream house is just beautiful. I would add something if it was my dream house - an Octagon beautiful doves cage or a cove, painted in white in the garden and I shall sit and read my papers and have my tea while I'm looking at beautiful white doves...

  7. Victoria ... the house is simply stunning and I adore the Victorian architecture and colour palette. I also love your rendition of the interior as you would have it ... perfect!
    hugs Frances


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