Saturday, July 10, 2010

Service announcement


Dearest readers!

As of mid next week we will be travelling throughout Europe and I planning on keeping a blog travel journal. Hopefully I will be able to post once per week to keep you somewhat updated and show you lovely things I come across while visiting Germany and Italy! Yesterday I introduced you a little to our first itinerary in Germany, since these smaller towns are perhaps not so well known.
I will comment less or not at all during these weeks, but I will read my favorites with my morning cafe latte!!!

This is an exiting trip, since it combines family reunions, sightseeing tours and places we want to show our children for the first time. We will relax and hang out with all 4 children, grandparents too and I will learn to cook some authentic Italian dishes! In bella Italia... in that kitchen!!!!

Just imagine....

And don't forget, live every moment and create memories! A happy weekend to you all!


Images as indicated and google images.


  1. ciao bella! have a fabulous time.
    shall miss you next to me in yoga!

  2. How lucky that you are heading to Bavaria and Italy!! I lived in Munich for 2 and a half years!! Oh such wonderful times Enjoy! Enjoy!! I will be reading!!

  3. Victoria I wish you the most wonderful trip and I can't wait to see the journal of your travels! Bon voyage and have a fab time....
    hugs Frances

  4. Have a wonderful holiday! I just came back from vacation in SF (not a faraway place haha). Have a wonderful time!


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