Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lyndhurst in September

Today we visited Lyndhurst, near Tarrytown, NY. It was the most relaxing and late sun kissed afternoon we've had since our return from Massachusetts.

The children run and run and my husband and I just loved to walk in the beautiful park. Nobody else was around and I felt like in a Jane Austen novel!
Was it just me or did I detect the first turning of the leaves? A mellow green in the trees, dusty September sunlight, almost ripe apples in the orchard.

I love the fancy, so over the top Gothic revival architecture, it transports you to a different world and it made me a little bit sad to see such a gorgeous former home now deprived of regular inhabitants.

A house needs to live! It needs warmth in the winter, open doors in the summer, children's laughter and people...
Somehow it made me a little melancholic.
Maybe because this place has still livable dimensions and such very lovely setting in the beautiful park.
Maybe the visibly cared for herb garden along the kitchewall and the play house seemed just as somebody had left it and would return shortly.

And yet, I enjoyed to see it and strolled in the park and imagined me living there 150 years ago.
I peeked through the windows, gorgeous, but rather musty rooms with lovely furniture on the ground floor, few fake flowers and a splendid grand piano, what a setting!

Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely understand that such homes today are possibly very hard to maintain and the National Trust does everything possible to ensure it's survival, but well, I am a hopeless romantic.

The park is huge and so much land needs careful preservation and it's done with much attention to detail.

The staff was very kind and opened the doors almost at closing time for us to see the gift shop, a place our kids always like to inspect and usually find this or that to admire. Don't you like the gift shop charm?

We arrived at home, filled with nature and culture, nurtured by all the beauty!

All Pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Great shots on such a fabulous day...my favorite spot nearby is Sunnyside...and then Kykuit I adore!
    I look forward to meeting you once the kids are in school....we can go for a walk....Hartsbrook~

  2. The photo you posted is very inspiring. It inspired me to make my house a green, nature like environment. Thank you so much.

  3. Amazing view! The houses indeed have a European cultured design, very elegant and sophisticated. I love the house surrounded with green trees. It’s very close to nature and I love it.

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  5. Nice to see you back from your holidays.What a cosy pictures, especially the lovely park.
    Have a nice day
    Yolanda ahhhlala

  6. So many fabulous places. GOrgeous photographs!

  7. Thank you for transporting me along with you. What lovely pictures and commentary. Isn't it wonderful to dream about what it would be like to live such a life in a home such as that.


  8. Thank you for your lovely and sweet words, Victoria.

    This trip looks so refreshing and satiating. I love that you can sense the turning of the leaves, I keep looking out for them, is that bad? :)

    Have a beautiful Friday - it's already morning here.


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