Monday, August 31, 2009

The fresh green hallway

Here you can see the orange hallway before with some color samples of green.

Having worked on my hallway for a couple of days, well there are so many details and corners it took longer than I remembered from the last time a couple of years back. Finally it's done and it looks fresh and harmonious with the rest of the house.
I wish it would be a bit larger, since we do not have a muddroom and all traffic goes through that small entrance with absolutely no space for a handsome halltable or a chair, bench or storage.
I managed a small shelf, covered it with a curtain and we hide most often used shoes there. On top sits an african basket for keys, shoehorn and a flashlight...

I used Behr's Primer And Paint in one (in Asparagus, 410D-4), but needed a second coat to cover the strong orange.

All pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Wow! Your entry looks refreshing and happy! You must like green. We had lovely green carpet and drapes in an earlier home.

    I have had issues with seeing blogs for a while. Today it was finally working good again.

    Thanks for your tagged photo and comments.

    I took some pictures of our living room recently. Not styled - just the way it looks. Now I need to get brave enough to post them.

    I too think there is a need to down size processions but then I go shopping.

    I want to go less formal in our home. I am on the outlook for something new above the sofa - a painting or such. The antique Oriental is lovely but it is a bit formal and we have had it for over 30 years. That is the first thing that needs replaced before I can do new pillows and such.

    Our son was home for a very short visit. With everyone we had for dinner last evening I needed 9 plates. The only sets of dishes I have that serve more than 8 are three good ones. I used the Waterford in the eating area - they looked good in the informal setting - why have them if I never use them.

  2. Of course you know I love green, this is the same color as my kitchen. So Fresh!

  3. I love the color choices you made for your walls indeed it looks very fresh and light.

  4. Aw! Your walls are lovely than the previous color, this looks very cozy.

  5. Oh how great this looks! You worked very hard!

    I LOVE that large painting in the finished photo. Who might that be by?



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